A Beginner Friendly, Supportive, and Welcoming Neighborhood CrossFit Gym



Why We’re Different


CrossFit For Everyone

We know that too often, walking into a new gym can be an intimidating and unwelcoming experience. It can be loud, lonely, and full of people who don’t know you’re even there, let alone learn your name, your goals, and why you walked through the door in the first place. We think that’s crazy, which is why we’re not your typical gym. We are a family gym. An awesome group of everyday people who come together to laugh, learn, sweat, fist bump, cheer each other on, and grow. No matter how long you’re with us, whether a month or ten years, you’ll be able to walk away with new friends, better health, and a place you can always call home!

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You Belong Here

Our goal is to create a CrossFit program that is inclusive and positive. We believe CrossFit was made for EVERYONE, not just the elite, which is why all of our programs are beginner friendly! We know that everybody’s fitness is different, and everybody has different goals. We make sure that our gym is a safe and positive space for you to try new things, work hard, and reach the level of health and fitness you want to reach. During your time at Jab you will constantly feel supported, encouraged, and challenged, and not just from our coaches, but from all of our amazing “Jab-letes.” So whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’ve never lifted weights before, you are welcome here!



Our Values

Supportive Community. Achieve Your Goals. Exercise Safely.

Bottom Line – We Want To See You Succeed!


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