Welcome To Jab CrossFit!


Here at Jab, we believe everyone deserves a welcoming place to call home, to connect with others, and to discover what their health and wellness means to them. We’re not your average gym full of people you don’t know anything about and who don’t know you. We are a family gym. A good bunch of everyday people who come together to laugh, learn, sweat, fist bump, and grow . No matter how long you’re with us, whether a month or ten years, you’ll be able to walk away with new friends, better health, and a place you can always call home!


It doesn’t matter if you finish first or last at Jab. We’ll celebrate your progress as a team and always cheer you on!




Our core values are safety, hard work, and community. Our coaches know that everyone’s different and we make sure to get to know all of our athletes personally. We’re not interested in turning you into an elite, superhuman mass of muscle. Rather, we team up with you and work according to your pace, your comfort level, and your goals. All the while building a solid foundation of functional fitness in a community that is fun, challenging, and exciting. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’ve never lifted weights before, you are welcome here!