Week of 7/29-8/3


The CrossFit Games have officially ended with the crowning of Rich Froning Jr. as 2013 male champion and Samantha Briggs as the 2013 female champ. All the athletes were phenomenal. There will be highlights on the CrossFit Games website, as well as on ESPN 3. I encourage everyone to watch a highlight or two and see the level of performance of these athletes. Many of them have impeccable form.

As for this week, I hope to see everyone there! If you’re unable to sign up online, I’m able to do it from my end so just let me know.


Week of 7/22-7/27

Howdy all!

I hope everyone had a good week this week! As I mentioned in class, the CrossFit Games begin on Monday… Can I get three cheers from the peanut gallery? The format for this week will go as follows: the Master division (40+) will begin on Tuesday and finish on Thursday. The team workouts will be sometime this week as well, though they haven’t posted exactly what they’ll be doing or when. The Individual (the “Firebreathers”) will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When most people think of CrossFit and watching the big boys compete, it’s the Individuals they think of. You’ll be able to stream the events from your computer, and some of them will be on ESPN.

Secondly, I know I’ve preached wrist wraps in the gym and here is the link. The wraps cost $20 which is a great deal and they’ll last for a while. I’ve had mine since Christmas and they’re going strong (if not a hair smelly). It’s a great investment and one I highly recommend. If you need help learning how to wrap there are some demo videos on the sight, and I can always help.

Thirdly, take some time to visit mobilitywod.com. It’s a fantastic sight that focuses on mobility and flexibility. The founder is a practicing OT who deals with CrossFitters and helping them rehab their injuries. I’ve used the sight myself to great success.

See everyone this week!


Week of 7/15-7/20

Hey folks!

It was good to see everyone back this week and getting into the swing of things. Please let me know what days you’re looking to come in this week. Every week we’ve grown and gotten more people, especially to our 9:30am class. This is great! Remember as well, there are classes at 6am so on the off chance you’ve been waking up at 5am and twiddling those thumbs looking for something to do, there’s always CrossFit 🙂

Additionally, I’d like to include the definition and methodology of CrossFit in this email. I’ve done my best to cover it briefly during the warm up or cool down in our classes, but I think this is a more succinct (if lengthy) explanation. Hope it helps!

CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.” It’s a mouthful, but in essence this means three things: 1) No two workouts will be the same. WODs may be repeated several months apart to see progression, but day in and out no two WODs will resemble one another. 2) The movements performed during WODs will be compound, full body movements. An opposition to this would be isolation exercises, such as a bicep curl, tricep extension, leg curl, etc… Anything where you sit down and use a machine we won’t do. Instead, the majority of our movements will consist of squats, presses, pullups, pushups, burpees (woo!), and so forth. All of these movements, as opposed to curls, utilize the entire body. You get much more bang for your buck and the human body naturally uses multiple muscles groups when performing actions anyway. That’s the definition of functional, movements that have ‘function’ or capacity in our everyday lives. 3) High intensity is what you experience day in and out. Heart pounding, sweating, energy store depleted. It sucks, but gosh darn it the results don’t lie. For any workout routine (whatever it may be, CrossFit or otherwise) to be effective, it takes at absolute minimum 30 days. True effectiveness takes a lifetime.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that CrossFit is the art at being fit for everything. We specialize in not specializing. An outstanding CrossFitter would be equally competent in sprinting as he would a long distance race. He would also be strong when going for a one rep maximum lift while being able to rep a lighter weight 40 or 50 or 60 times. CrossFit is about being a jack of all trades. As soon as you specialize, you lose capacity in other areas. An example is a marathon runner. Generally, long distance runners are great at running long distances, but that’s it. Have them try and lift a heavy weight and they’ve got nothing. Have them sprint, nothing. Do a short AMRAP, nothing. They’re only competent at running long distance. At CrossFit we aim to avoid exactly that. While we wouldn’t say that running long distance is bad, we would say that neglecting the other areas of fitness is a mistake. Being good at one or two things is meaningless. That’s the view of CrossFit.