Week of 8/12-8/17

Week of 8/12-8/17

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I hope your week has gone well! This week at Jab was definitely one of the hardest weeks I’ve programmed, so congrats for pushing through. For those of you who completed “Fran”, give yourselves a pat on the back. That workouts sucks. Something awful. For those of you who are unfamiliar with “Fran”, it’s a workout of 21-15-9 repetitions of Thrusters (a front squat straight into a press) and Pullups. It’s a CrossFit benchmark WOD, meaning you could compare your time with that of your fellow CrossFitters and see how you compare. Benchmark WODs are also excellent for progress. If, the first time you complete “Fran”, your time is 14 minutes. Then a year later, you drop four minutes off your time. In CrossFit language, your overall work  capacity and therefore fitness has improved dramatically. You’ve done more work (in this case, the movements you perform) in less time (from 14 to 10 minutes).

Women’s Final “Fran” Video 2012 CrossFit Games

Men’s Final “Fran” Video 2012 CrossFit Games

I’m going to include the link for the CrossFit main page. It has a lot of solid information there about what CrossFit is, other important information, and exercise and demo videos.

As always, I look forward to seeing everyone there!