Week of 8/5-8/10

Week of 8/5-8/10

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Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It sure was hot today and I’m hopefully going to be much tanner after this burn wears away and I don’t resemble a large red crustacean.

As for this week, we’re going to continue working on our One Rep Max Efforts. These weights give us a benchmark that we can build from and continue to grow. I like use various strength cycles, especially with squats. These cycles use a percentage of your one rep max in order to calculate what weights you should be squatting (or pressing or deadlifting) this week. These cycles vary from four weeks to three months, but all produce excellent results when followed correctly. Being strong is never, never a bad thing, especially when combined with high intensity workouts.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope to see everyone there this week!