WOD 4/30/14

10 minutes to build to heavy Snatch


6 min EMOM
– 4 Overhead Squats


3 Rounds:
40 DU
10 Front Rack Lunges (115/85)
600m Run



Week of 4/28-5/3


Regionals is almost here! Coming May 16th- 18th, the North West Regionals will be held at the ShoWare Center. We’ve talked about this sporadically in class, but if this is something you’re interested in doing, let me know! I’d love to get a group of athletes to head down and watch the action live.  As a quick refresher, Regionals are the next level of competition, following the Open. The top three athletes in each region (and the top three teams) will be invited to the CrossFit Games, the Superbowl of this sport, which will take place July something. It costs $20 and runs Friday through Sunday.

On another note, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the notion that injuries always come outside the gym. For example, you go to CrossFit five days a week and are pain free, but one fateful weekend (it was raining, no doubt) you go out with the kiddos and fall down and tweak your back. The next day at the gym is rough! Squats don’t feel quite right and Cleans…well Cleans are just a mess. That’s awful right? Real life getting in the way of workouts!

But wait…

If you’re going to get hurt, let’s hope it’s outside the gym! After all, what’s the point of being perfect at squats if you can’t pick up your friends or rough house with the amigos. I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it now: we CrossFit to live, we don’t live to CrossFit. So if you do get hurt (which is unfortunate, but happens), get hurt outside the gym! Get hurt doing something that you enjoy. Your body will heal and you’ll be back at it in no time.

Hope everybody had a great weekend! I’m off to play soccer in about an hour. Can’t wait!


WOD 4/25/14

5 Sets of max effort HSPU


5 min AMRAP
6 Cleans (95/65)
6 Burpees over the Bar

Rest 2 Minutes

5 min AMRAP
6 Thruster (96/65)
6 Pullups



WOD 4/24/14

Front Squats 4×5 @ 75%


Dips 4×7


800m Run
Straight Into: 4, 8, 12, 16, 12, 8, 4
G2B (24/20)
KB Swing (53/35)



WOD 4/23/14

3 Rounds max effort Pullups (strict or kipping)


10 min to build to heaviest set of:
1 Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats


3 Rounds:
400m Run
10 Deadlifts (225/155)
20 Air Squats



Week of 4/21-4/26


Happy Easter! I hope everyone took the chance to spend time with family and friends this weekend. As for myself, Christina and I went to a friend’s place and had a great meal. The day even held out for us! Lovely, lovely day. I’m also looking forward to seeing everyone in the gym again this week as the spring breaks and mid-winter breaks and all the other breaks these kids have are finished. It’s hard to keep up!

Wanted to talk a little bit about hand care this week. I know some of you struggle with keeping your paws healthy and operational  from week to week. It’s something I struggled with too at the start of my CrossFitting career. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years:

1) Trim your callouses. Callouses aren’t all bad, and in fact they’re your body’s natural reaction to protect your hands. But callouses that are too big get caught, and when they get caught, they rip. For those of you who’ve ripped, it’s awful. For those of you who haven’t, let’s keep it that way 🙂 I personally use a Pedi-Egg to shave mine. Pumice stones work well too.

2) Tape! If you feel like your hands are hurting that day, or you’re coming into the gym with a previous cut, tape those bad boys up. That extra layer, thin as it is, works wonders. I suggest buying athletic tape for yourself. It’s roughly 3 bucks a roll, cheaper if you buy in bulk. Amazon, ebay, and all the major sporting stores have tape up the ying yang. Get some.

3) Gloves! I’ve harped on this a lot in the gym, but trust me when I say that gloves are very effective in preventing rips. Do they look manly? Sadly no. But with the choice between functioning hands or a manly, Gaston-like appearance, let’s go with the hands. Nobody really liked Gaston anyway.

4) If you do rip, take care of yourself. Neosporin, Band-Aids, all that good stuff we tell everybody else but fail to do for ourselves.

5) For those of you married folk, workout sans rings. The ring is just one more thing that can get caught on the bar or barbell and not worth the risk.

6) Know when to stop. If you feel like the skin on your hands is ready to slide right off, hop off the bar. We’ll find something else in lieu of whatever bar movement you’re working on.

7) Use lotion overnight. Lotion won’t strip away your callouses but lotion will keep the rest of your hands from drying out and forming small but painful cracks in your skin.

As for the Tough Mudder I spoke of last week, my goal is 10 people for the Jab CrossFit team. We’re already close! I’m signing up this week. When I do, I’ll inform everybody and from there (if you’re interested) you can sign up as well for the team. I’m already excited!

As always, let me know if you have any questions. See you this week.


P.S. For those of you without wrist wraps, when you’re online buying tape take a look at strength wraps. Can’t hurt 🙂