Week of 9/29 – 10/4


Awesome work again on new 1RM’s for both the Clean and Push Press. Congratulations! We’re going to shoot for our Snatch this week, so come prepared to move that weight.

Earlier today several athletes from Jab CrossFit completed the Tough Mudder. What a day! Eleven miles, thirty obstacles, and a lot–I repeat, a lot–of mud. Some of the obstacles were relatively easy, and some required large amounts of teamwork. It was fantastic to see our team come together and work as one to complete the required tasks. If you were thinking about doing the Tough Mudder this year but didn’t pull the trigger, I encourage you to sign up for next year’s race when the time comes. You won’t regret it!

This week we’re going to be completing some benchmark workouts. These are straight from CrossFit HQ and designed to be both simple yet extremely challenging. The workouts are used to test your fitness periodically. Some of these benchmark workouts we’ve done before, some we haven’t. They should be fun!

Looking forward to seeing everybody this week. Feel free to email me with any questions.


* We now have Open Gym time from 4:15 – 5pm on Friday evenings! Come in and work on your lifts, your skills, or anything else you needed that extra time for. See you there! *

WOD 9/23/14

Snatch 30 sec EMOM x 20
– 1 Snatch (more advanced from ground, rest from the hang position)


12 min AMRAP
25 Wall Ball
50 Double Unders
400m Run



Week of 9/22 – 9/27


Congratulations to everybody who PR’d their Back Squat on Friday! We had a lot of great energy in the gym and I had a blast watching everybody “move that weight!” Lots of fun. We’re going to continue testing for other 1RM over the next couple weeks. Can’t wait to see those numbers go up!

Wanted to talk a little bit this week about form. CrossFit, as many of you know, gets a bad rap from nonbelievers about imperfect form. Some of that is warranted. As goes in any field, there’s good and bad. Good and bad doctors. Good and bad chefs. Good and bad trainers. But I think in large part, the criticism is unwarranted, and here’s why.

I see form as a continuum. Think of a speedometer. We have perfect form on the right, the needle hovering right around the car’s maximum speed. We have safe form somewhere in the middle, maybe fifty to seventy miles per hour (thirty to fifty if you drive a minivan). And we have improper form or dangerous form somewhere below the forty miles per hour mark.

My goal for everybody is to find that happy equilibrium between safe and perfect. Do I expect perfect? Nope. Perfect is for people who devote their lives to Olympic Lifting, guys who’ve woken up and lifted five times a week since they could walk. And the dirty truth? Not all of them have perfect form. Take any elite athlete at the highest level. Does every basketball player in the NBA have the perfect shot? Does every baseball player in the MLB have a perfect swing? Nah. They’re freak athletes. As non-competitive CrossFitters, our goal is always to be safe. That’s what I look for in the gym, that needle right around ninety miles per hour. But when it dips below the threshold, that’s when we take off weight or find another movement altogether.

So when people criticize CrossFitters for not having perfect form, to them I say, you’re right. We don’t always have perfect form. But we DO have effective, safe form. We have form that allows us to grow as athletes and as humans.

I hope that makes sense. Safety is the priority. And perfection, if it’s going to come, will come in time. Embrace the struggle 🙂

For announcements:

– Tough Mudder this weekend on Sunday! So excited for everybody on the Jab CrossFit team. It’s not too late to sign up!

As always, let me know if you have questions. See you soon.


WOD 9/19/14

Back Squat 2 @ 70% , 2 @ 80%, 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 95%, 1 @ 100+%
* Goal is to shoot for new 1RM *


Accumulate 40 Pullups
*Every time athlete comes off the bar, 100m run*