Week of 12/1 – 12/6


Well Thanksgiving is over. I sincerely hope everybody chowed down on Thursday. I know I did! My day was filled with sweet potato casserole, smoked turkey, bacon, fruit, more bacon, and, of course, wonderful pie to put the final touches on a perfect evening. I hope yours was just as wonderful.

We will continue our current programming of shooting for new 1RM’s this week. We did two last week, the Front Squat and the Push Press. If you happened to miss one of these lifts and would like to go for your 1RM, let me know! We’ll find a time in class to let you make it up. Awesome job to everybody who completed “Fran” as well! That was in a major–major–kick in the pants. There’s not a CrossFitter alive who completes Fran and feels good afterward.

I talked with some athletes last week about this, but for those of you I didn’t speak with, I watched a documentary called “Fed Up” last weekend. Now, there are a ton of food documentaries out there condoning any and every diet on the planet. Vegan? There’s a documentary for that. Atkins? Sure thing. Paleo? No problemo! The one aspect I liked about this documentary was the focus: sugar. That’s it. Not about how you cook your food or where you get your food, organic or otherwise. Just sugar. In short, “Fed Up” argues that sugar (specifically added sugar) is the cause for our current health crisis in the United States. Diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, to name a few–all from our ludicrous sugar consumption. It’s quite interesting and eye opening (and not gross, like some of the other food documentaries). It’s worth the watch!

As a last word: Most people can diet. Most people can exercise. But only a paltry few can do both. Since diet is (realistically) a tough option this time of year, let’s at least stick to the exercise 🙂



Jab CrossFit Holiday Party Update!

This Saturday (12/6) @ 1pm Jab CrossFit will be having our holiday party down at Sandbox Sports (www.sandboxsports.net). We’ve rented an indoor beach volleyball court from 1 – 2:45pm. You’re more than welcome to bring significant others (yes, even if they don’t CrossFit) and family members. The space we’ve rented also has a small picnic area to sit down and eat, so we’re asking that everybody bring something small to share with the rest of the group. Directions to Sandbox Sports can be found on their website. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Beach attire is recommended, though perhaps not bikinis 🙂 I hope to see everybody there!

Week of 11/24 – 11/29


I hope everybody had a fantastic weekend! Can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving week. Time has flown people. If you have the time, make sure to get into the gym to burn off all the food you’re going to eat. This week, compared to all others, is a fantastic week to be proactive.

Two announcements for this week!

Uno. We’re shooting for some new One Repetition Maximums this week, commonly known at 1RM’s. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, this means we’re going to be adding weight to the bar and seeing how much you can lift for one rep. These numbers are important for two reasons: one, they establish your current level of strength, and two, the numbers are benchmarks for growth in the future. Many of you have former 1RM’s listed on our strength board. Time to improve those lifts! For those of you without numbers, it’s time to finally get some written down.

Dos. The schedule for this week is altered a bit. Monday through Wednesday will have class as normal. Thursday, we’ll have one class at 9:30am. Friday’s class will be canceled. Saturday will return to the normal schedule, with one class at 7:30am.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! I’m so excited for Thanksgiving on Thursday, a time to see friends and family, eat some amazing food, and watch some football (and sleep like a baby later than night). Let’s go Hawks!


WOD 11/18/14

Strict Press 5×3 @ 80%


Accumulate 90 seconds of an L-Hold


3 min AMRAP of an ascending ladder 3, 6, 9, 12 …
Power Clean (135/95)
Box Jump
2 min REST
REPEAT from beginning