Week of 2/16 – 2/21


Valentines Day (also known as “Singles Awareness Day”) has come and passed. I hope everybody had a splendid evening. Teatro Zinzani was by far the most entertaining show I’ve seen in quite some time. There were several acts that displayed the most astounding athleticism and strength, and I couldn’t help but think that all those men and women would have been fantastic CrossFitters 🙂

On another note, I have officially registered for the CrossFit Open! If you head on over to games.crossfit.com and type “Jab CrossFit” in the search bar, you’ll see our gym pop up as well as all athletes registered for the Open. So exciting! If you’re still on the fence, remember that it’s only $20 and there are both scaled and Rx options available.

I got asked recently about how well CrossFit and aging go together. Sure, not so bad doing CrossFit from 18 – 30. But what about 40 – 60, or 60 and onwards? I’m here to tell you there’s hope–more than that in fact. There’s a promise. A promise of health and fitness.

CrossFit at twenty and CrossFit at sixty are much more similar than not. Sure, the twenty year old is going to move a bit faster, lift more, recover quicker. And yes, the genetic potential for a twenty year old is better than somebody who’s sixty. But for me, that’s not what CrossFit is about. CrossFit is about challenging yourself, improving your fitness through hard work, discipline, and a desire to overcome today what you couldn’t achieve yesterday. The athlete who’s sixty might need to scale workouts more often. They may need to take an extra day off during the week. They’ll have to be a bit more self-conscious about what they put into their body if they want optimum performance. But the beauty of CrossFit is that everything is modifiable, everything can be scaled down to manageable chunks. What works for a twenty year old may not work for the athlete who’s sixty. But if you take a look around our gym, a small but comparable subset of CrossFit athletes as a whole, you’ll see what I mean. There’s not an athlete in the gym who hasn’t scaled a workout at some time or another. I’d like to think that even in the later decades of our lives, fitness can be maintained by much the same method. By being realistic in our goals, by knowing our bodies, by having a coach that you trust to make the proper adjustments. I personally hope each and every athlete at Jab continues CrossFitting through the years. I speak honestly when I say it’s a privilege to share that journey with you.

Hope that sheds some light on the subject! Can’t wait to see everybody this week.

P.S. Remember that our classes for Monday (2/16) are modified. We’ll have our 7:30am, 9:30am, and 12pm classes. No 6:30am or 5pm. See you there!

Week of 2/9 – 2/14


Thank you to everybody who came to the Barbell Club this past Saturday. I’m really looking forward to having that class regularly and getting you exposed to different accessory lifts, and improving the lifts you already know. Already pumped for next week!

Now, I know you’ve heard me preach about the CrossFit Open. Open this, Open that. The name Rich Froning might have have come up in the matter of this discourse (personally I think that’s forgivable). But all that aside, I really want to make sure everybody is on the same page on exactly what the Open is all about.

The Open is an online qualifier, an online competition if you will, consisting of 5 total workouts, released one per week. Should you want to be a part of this competition, you head on over to the CrossFit Games website (games.crossfit.com) and click on the banner running across the top of the page that reads “Register Now”. The instructions are simple to follow and it costs $20 to sign up.

Beginning February 26th, CrossFit HQ will release the first of the five workouts. Could be anything. We’ll do that workout the following day (Friday) in our gym. If you’ve signed up, that weekend you’ll log into your account and enter your score. Once it’s entered, you’ll be ranked against everybody else who signed up and completed the workout. Next week, March 5th, the following workout will be released, and the process repeats until all five workouts have been completed. Not too hard at all, and honestly quite the opposite.

I encourage everybody to sign up! The workouts are done in the comfort of our gym, no traveling or anything like that. And heck, it’s fun to see how you rank! We’re doing the workouts regardless, everybody will, so you have nothing to lose. This is also a fantastic way to see your growth. This year maybe you rank 200. Next year its 150. And so on.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Looking forward to seeing everybody this week!


WOD 2/6/15

Front Squat 1×5 @ 85%, 2×3 @ 85%


3 Rounds:

3 Rounds:
3 Power Clean (95/65)
3 Front Squat
3 Jerk

200m Run

* Athlete will perform 3 rounds of: 3 Cleans, 3 Front Squat, 3 Jerks (9 reps of each). At the end of three rounds, athlete will run 200m. All of that combined, the 3 rounds plus the 200m run, constitute 1 round of the WOD *