Week of 5/25 – 5/30

Week of 5/25 – 5/30

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I apologize for the tardiness of my email! As most of you know my girlfriend Christina’s mother and grandmother are in town, and we’ve been showing them a good time here in Seattle and the surrounding cities. Went wine tasting yesterday up in Woodinville and spent much of today on a rooftop enjoying the sunshine and eating cheese with crackers. How Italian of us!

Short and sweet this week . . . we have Murph tomorrow! So excited for this. You’ve trained, you’ve put in the hours, and now it’s time to perform! Class begins at 9:30am tomorrow, and we’ll run through the warmup like normal, do some mobility, and then we’re off. I would expect that it’ll take an hour or so for everybody to finish. Afterwards, we’ll be having a small potluck, so if you’re planning on coming please bring a small dish for everybody to share 🙂

The story behind Murph is fantastic. I’ve explained it a little bit in class, but here is a link that accurately (and better) explains the courageous man who was Lt. Michael Murphy.


Please let me know if you have any questions between now and then! As for the rest of the week, we’ll be taking it easy, have no doubt about that. We’ll be working on some skills (juggling for example) and some neat workouts that I’ve been dying to try. Maybe even some trivia . . . 🙂 Should be fun!