Week of 6/1 – 6/6

Week of 6/1 – 6/6

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Another month in the books! Hope May was wonderful, hope June is even better. With a new month brings new challenges, and for many of you that involves either having your kiddos out of school or finding summer jobs. I hope you can continue to make it in the gym, even if it’s once a week. As the old adage goes, “CrossFit once a week keeps the life from looking bleak.” 🙂 And don’t forget that when you travel there are multitudes of CrossFit boxes around the country. It’s quite fun to drop in somewhere else and see what their program is all about.

CrossFit Regionals is going on this weekend, the sandwich qualifier round more advanced than the Open and a step below the Games. This is the last weekend. My boy Rich Froning and his team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom came in first in their respective region! So happy about this. For those of you who don’t know, Rich Froning is four time Fittest Man on Earth and decided to retire from individual competition this year. Glad to see him headed back to the Games.

Lastly, I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating . . . if you’re feeling hurt, injured, anything other than 95% plus (because honestly, how many people are 100% all of the time?) no need to put pressure on yourself in the gym to go all out. There’s a time for maximal intensity and there’s a time to tap the brakes. Watching Regionals this weekend there’s naturally been some injuries. At the level they’re competing, they push through. At the level we compete at, us everyday gym goers who use CrossFit for life, not for sport, it’s important for us to hold back if our bodies aren’t firing the way their supposed to. No rush. No need. A minor injury takes maybe a week to heal. A major injury takes a month or more. And I’d venture to say that a large percentage of injuries progress from minor to major–a small tweak that we ignore to a glaring, debilitating problem. So if something hurts, let me know and we’ll make the proper modifications. After all, the first goal in any and every workout regime should be to reduce injury. Everything else follows from there.

Can’t wait to see you in the gym this week! Feel free to reach out with any questions.