Week of 10/26 to 10/30


Its the final countdown of the Whole 30!!  As we wrap up our final day I want to say to everyone congratulations on making it the 30 days!  Doing this challenge together definitely makes it easier for me to stick with it, I hope it was for you too.  I love our community and our support for each other is just fantastic.  Thanks to all that joined us this month and if anyone that was hesitant this time there is always another opportunity whether as a group again in the spring or on your own!

A word of warning!  There is a strategy for reintroducing the foods we have eliminated for the past 30 days back into your diet.  Please be aware if you decide to eat whatever you darn will please you may be stricken with what I call a food hangover the next day.  Especially take care on Halloween!  All that sugar will make you feel just awful, be it candy form or alcohol form.  Please take the time to follow this plan to reintroduce certain foods back into your life.

The Reintroduction Plan

You’ll reintroduce “less healthy” foods back into your diet one group at a time, while keeping the rest of your diet as Whole30-clean as possible. Think about it like a scientific trial, where your Whole30 is the control and the one food group you are trying to evaluate is the experimental group.

This means you’ll have to plan carefully, and not combine major food groups during your reintroduction period. For example, don’t eat a slice of toast with peanut butter, because how will you know whether it was the peanuts or the bread that made your joints ache? Do your best to reintroduce each designated food group (as outlined below) alone on your reintroduction day.

Yes, you’ll likely get some added sugar in many of your “experimental” foods—that’s really hard to avoid.If you do choose a reintroduction food with lots of sugar—say, a Starbucks grande Caramel Frappuccino (with a whopping 64 grams!) with whole milk—you’ll have to deal with the dairy + sugar consequences all at once. Chances are, however, you’ll know intuitively what to attribute to which ingredient—digestive issues are generally dairy-driven, while energy fluctuations, cravings, and mood swings are probably sugar-related. However, some side effects, like skin breakouts, may be the result of the sugar, or the dairy, or the combination of both.

We encourage you to continue to increase your awareness of how the foods you eat are affecting you even after your Whole30 and reintroduction are over. By paying attention every time you eat a non-Whole30 food in the months to come, you can learn even more about how your body reacts to certain foods or ingredients—and continue to make more informed decisions about which foods you deem are truly “worth it.”

Reminder: If you don’t miss a particular food or drink that you know makes you less healthy, don’t bother to reintroduce it. Not missing tofu, black beans, cottage cheese, or brown rice? With evidence pointing towards these foods making you less healthy, there’s no reason whatsoever to add them back into your diet. Only reintroduce those foods that you suspect you’ll really want to include back into your diet once in a while, and leave the rest happily behind.

Sample Schedule

Here is a sample 10-day reintroduction schedule. Feel free to alter your particular food choices to suit your needs.

Day 1: Evaluate legumes, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant. Try some peanut butter on your green apple with breakfast, a bowl of miso soup at lunch, and a side of black beans with dinner, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, go back to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate legumes into your regular diet—if at all.

Day 4: Evaluate non-gluten grains*, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant. Eat a serving of white rice, some corn tortilla chips, and a slice of gluten-free bread, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, return to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate non-gluten grains into your regular diet—if at all. *Corn, rice, certified gluten-free oats, quinoa, etc.

Day 7: Evaluate dairy, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant. Have yogurt in the morning, some cheese in the afternoon, and ice cream after dinner, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, return to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate dairy into your regular diet—if at all.

Day 10: Evaluate gluten-containing grains*, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant. Gluten is such nasty stuff that we want to break it out from the other grains, so you can evaluate it all by itself. Over the course of your day, eat a muffin, two slices of whole wheat bread, and a side of whole wheat pasta, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, return to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate gluten grains into your regular diet—if at all. *Anything made from wheat, rye, or barley.
– See more at: http://whole30.com/step-two-finished/#sthash.iPvSc1oo.dpuf

If you have any questions feel free to ask your coach!

Keep up the good work!


week of 10/19-10/23


First, I’d like to give a huge congratulations to Martin for his first place in the Masters last weekend at Festivus!!  Coach Annie and I made it there for a little bit of cheering on.  What a beautiful spot to workout, big rolling doors opening to a view of a field and trees.  Talk about being in the middle of nowhere!  Martin went in strong, was mentally and physically prepared and had practiced all of the workouts before hand.  He came out on top and we are all so proud of him!  Nice work Martin!! Doing a competition is something that may not be for everyone but I personally believe it’s worth trying at least once in your life.  It’s exciting, terrifying, empowering and when you are done you’ll be so excited and amazed that you could do it!  It’s incredible to see what your body is able to do under pressure and adrenaline pumping.  It’s an amazing community of athletes, coaches and family who are all there for the same reasons you are.  Your friends and family will think you are a bad a**, your fellow athletes will cheer you on and you’ll feel a bond with the woman or man who is working their hardest right next to you.  I saw a great quote today, “don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try”.

Lastly, third week of the Whole 30!  This is easily a time when you start getting bored with the same old thing.  I know, sometimes it doesn’t seem exciting to make breakfast again or your dinner isn’t prepped, you are hungry and picking up takeout seems so much easier.  Don’t let yourself get into a rut.  Find a few new recipes to get creative with, something to inspire you to push another week!  You are SO close now!  Here are a few links to help inspire some hunger  http://nomnompaleo.com/post/94719557485/august-2014-whole30-inspiration.  Keep up the good work and I love seeing all the posts on facebook of your meals!  Always motivating! Keep moving! Carissa

Week of 10/12 to 10/16

Jabletes!  This week we will be hitting a new 1RM for deadlifts!  It’s been a while and though I do hope to see some PR’s this week I do want to mention that your coaches will be keeping a sharp eye on your form, especially for this lift.  We want to be super careful as you will most likely be lifting some very heavy weight!  If you miss it this week, no worries!  You have the opportunity to come in to open gym the following week to hit that 1RM!  I personally love the deadlift.  It’s one of the lifts we do that mimics real life!  Picking something heavy up off the floor and standing up nice and tall.   The deadlift adds to core stability and increases core strength, improves your grip strength and works the most muscles!  We are also practicing the Turkish Get Up.  This is a fantastic skill to learn and we will be doing it without weight first, slowly introducing everyone to the mechanics.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your coaches!


Congratulations on entering your second week of whole 30!  You are halfway there!!  For some, and hopefully most, this is a time of feeling more energized.  Some of you may be having some intense food dreams!  I dreamed last night I was eating ice cream for breakfast.  Happily.  Right in front of my kids.  So bizarre!  Over the weekend you’ll be entering what’s known as Tiger Blood.  Meaning, it feels like someone flipped a switch and you feel more energized, stronger in your workouts and have a handle on this Whole 30 thing.  Some of you may feel like, yeah I’m half way and it’s not easy but it’s getting better.  You are starting to feel more confident about getting through the month and maybe your clothes are even starting to feel a little different!  It’s the small things right now that will get us through to day 30.  If you don’t feel this “Tiger Blood” stage yet, don’t worry.  Slow and steady wins the race 😉

Keep up the good work team!



Week of 10/5 to 10/9

Hello Jabletes! We are almost wrapping up our first full week of the Whole 30!  How has the first week felt for you?  Hopefully you’ve gotten past the “hangover” and “kill all things” stage and now, welcome to “I just want to nap”.  Why is this?  Why is it suddenly harder to get through a workout now than ever before?  What happened to all your energy?  Your body is now starting to get used to the lean proteins, fats and vegetables to use for fuel and no longer has the quick sugar and starches it once had.  Don’t give up!  Hang in there, soon you’ll turn a corner and you will feel SO MUCH BETTER.

I’m not going to lie though.  The next week isn’t going to get much easier but stick with it!  I promise by the end of week 3 and entering week 4 you’ll feel so much better!  You’ll sleep better and you’ll start to feel those reserves for workouts in no time!  Remember, keep organized.  Plan those meals and keep posting pics of your amazing breakfasts, lunches and dinners!  It’s inspiring to all of us!  Lastly, keep up on those good fats.  I’m talking coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts, ghee and have you tried the duck fat from PCC??  I roasted my veggies in that this week and it’s divine!

Here’s a little inspiration to get you to week 2  http://hollywouldifshecould.net/2012/09/10-tips-to-make-your-whole-30-a-success/ I like what she says about focusing on the first two weeks.  Seriously, these are the hardest for almost everyone.  If you can get to day 14 the rest is easy!  You’ll be in a groove, you’ll know what foods to have on hand, what you need to have in the car or in your gym bag to snack on and you’ll know how to simply make breakfast for dinner if what you had planned didn’t work out 😉

Lastly, I want to say a few words about soreness and pain.  It’s so important for us as athletes to know how to distinguish the difference between being sore and experiencing pain.  For those of you who have heard Coach Tyler say this before, I’m going to reiterate what he always said to us: soreness and injury are two very different things. One is discomfort, the other is pain. As you warm up, soreness will decrease as additional blood is introduced to your muscles. When your injured, the pain is there no matter what.   If you feel sore from a brutal workout or a 1rm, come back and workout again!  I’m serious!  If you are injured, listen to your body!  If you need to take time off that is exactly what you need to do.

We, as coaches, are here for you no matter what and what we really like is communication.  Let us know first thing when you come in that you are really sore or have an injury from those 100 wall balls we did yesterday or that really heavy deadlift workout we did two days ago.  We are happy to modify any workout on the spot and can make sure you are still moving and most importantly being safe within those movements.  We can give you more mobility to do to help that painful IT band or make sure you don’t do those box jumps because your knee has been bothering you.  We want you to be safe, have fun and still get your sweat on.  If you can’t come in you can always email us to say “hey coach!  I think I injured my hamstring from those sprints yesterday, I’m taking a break for a few days!”.  We are here for you!  You are what drives us to keep educating ourselves and stay up to date with functional movement, mobility and most importantly to be the best coaches we can for you!

Keep moving, Carissa