Week of 10/12 to 10/16

Week of 10/12 to 10/16

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Jabletes!  This week we will be hitting a new 1RM for deadlifts!  It’s been a while and though I do hope to see some PR’s this week I do want to mention that your coaches will be keeping a sharp eye on your form, especially for this lift.  We want to be super careful as you will most likely be lifting some very heavy weight!  If you miss it this week, no worries!  You have the opportunity to come in to open gym the following week to hit that 1RM!  I personally love the deadlift.  It’s one of the lifts we do that mimics real life!  Picking something heavy up off the floor and standing up nice and tall.   The deadlift adds to core stability and increases core strength, improves your grip strength and works the most muscles!  We are also practicing the Turkish Get Up.  This is a fantastic skill to learn and we will be doing it without weight first, slowly introducing everyone to the mechanics.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your coaches!


Congratulations on entering your second week of whole 30!  You are halfway there!!  For some, and hopefully most, this is a time of feeling more energized.  Some of you may be having some intense food dreams!  I dreamed last night I was eating ice cream for breakfast.  Happily.  Right in front of my kids.  So bizarre!  Over the weekend you’ll be entering what’s known as Tiger Blood.  Meaning, it feels like someone flipped a switch and you feel more energized, stronger in your workouts and have a handle on this Whole 30 thing.  Some of you may feel like, yeah I’m half way and it’s not easy but it’s getting better.  You are starting to feel more confident about getting through the month and maybe your clothes are even starting to feel a little different!  It’s the small things right now that will get us through to day 30.  If you don’t feel this “Tiger Blood” stage yet, don’t worry.  Slow and steady wins the race 😉

Keep up the good work team!