Week of 11/23 to 11/27

Hello Jabletes!

Welcome to a short but sweet week!  Filthy 50?  What a bruiser!  Yikes!  But what a nice way to enter your mandatory rest day with family, friends and good food.

For those of you that traveled this week I hope you had a wonderful time away, be it in the sunshine or snow.  As the next round of holidays quickly approaches and you don’t want to let your body relax and enjoy the vacation there are some fantastic travel wods you can do.  For example, http://www.thetravelingwod.com/ Tabatas are also great, hiking, runnning, any body weight workouts or checking out a crossfit box where you might be vacationing is all good.  But if you want to put your feet up and enjoy that is sometimes just what you need!  It’s all what you want your vacation to be.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Don’t forget we will be closed Thursday and Friday there is only 5pm class.  Saturday and Sunday at 8am.  See you next week!

Keep moving!


Week of 11/16 to 11/20


Since you’ve been in the gym the last couple of weeks you will have noticed we were trying a new way to write RX’s for our wod’s.  We were so excited to give it a try and are now happy to say we will continue the trend!  I, personally, really like the three different variations.  For our newer athletes it gives you a goal of which to work towards.  For our athletes that usually RX every wod, now you have a new challenge.  For some of us trying to get that intermediate rx, it is still a challenge!  One thing we would like to guide you to do when choosing which level you will work towards is please pick the RX that you can safely do.  If it’s hard and you have to take longer, that’s great!  If it’s a wod where you can RX everything but your toes to bar or you use a band to do your pull ups, that’s ok too!  What we would prefer is if you have to modify something try and make it just one thing and rx the rest.  Your coaches are happy to help you decide if you need some guidance!

Next week is Thanksgiving!  Looking forward to some family time, food and a little relaxation.  Please note that we will have a modified schedule next week!  Definitely no classes on Thursday.  Time for you to enjoy your rest day and eat some delicious food and enjoy your company!  Please be on the lookout for which classes are running on Wed and Friday.  Back to a regular schedule Saturday and Sunday.

One more thing, I’d like all of you to start thinking about a goal you have for the gym.  I’ll come back to this in another post but I want it to be on your mind for a bit.  I started talking with some of you in class about how awesome it is that you have your double unders now or you can do kipping pull ups.  So fantastic!!  What are your goals?  Maybe it’s muscle ups?  A heavier front squat?  Perfecting your snatch?  Walking handstands?  We all have something we want to work hard at and can’t wait for the day to achieve it!  I have a bucket full of goals.  I’m ever so slowly chipping away at them 😉

Keep moving!



Week of 11/9 to 11/13

Hello Jabletes!

What a week!  We ran through some very big workouts this week, especially on Veterans Day where we did a Military Physical Fitness Test.  Brutal.  Were your arms jelly-like after?  Mine sure were!  But what a great way to honor our past and present soldiers.

Pushing yourself hard both mentally and physically can be very rewarding but also makes for some very sore muscles.  I want to take a moment to talk about self care.  Muscle soreness is your muscles adapting to your last workout by getting stronger.  You actually build your muscle during your recovery!  Lacrosse balls, foam rollers and if you feel like really treating yourself some massage are all great ways to ease those sore muscles.  The self-induced deep tissue massage is torture.  You may shed a silent tear but it breaks up scar tissue and improves circulation helping you to feel better faster!  Like I’ve mentioned before, if you are feeling horribly sore from the day or two days before let your coach know and we can guide you to some extra mobility! Sleep is also super important, letting your body recover is crucial.  Getting a regular 6-8 sometimes 9 hours a night (I know, that sounds crazy, right?) feels like a vacation but is what your body needs.  Though you know yourself better than anyone else and if you feel great on 5 hours or best on 7 keep it to what you need.  Calluses need care too!  I highly recommend a pumice stone, nail file or similar.  The general rule of thumb is if you can pinch the raised edge of a callus you need to file it down or else suffer the bloody tear next time you do your toe to bar or pull ups!  Keep those hands from drying out as well.  All that chalk and washing your hands just dries them out.  I found a great salve at a climbing store that I keep in my gym/ “mom” bag and am happy to share with you!  Lotion or udder cream works wonders too.

Last, I’m so excited for the UFC fights this weekend!  I’ve been a huge fan of Ronda Rousey for years now and in the last year became a fan of Holly Holm and now they are fighting for the title!  Can’t wait, it should be a good one!  ronda rousey

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your coaches!  Keep up the good work and see you in class next week.


Week of 11/2-11/6

Hello Jabletes! This week we hit some new PR’s in the back squat!  Your coaches were so proud to see you working hard to challenge yourself to those new numbers.   Almost every single one of you hit a new PR and that’s something to be proud of!  These PR’s will now be used in our strength cycle, something we use all the time and when followed correctly equal results!  You might have noticed we’ve done a lot of additional core work over the past few months, something we all know is essential to lifting heavy weight.  Leg lifts, those painful max hold planks (and once with weight!) and kettlebell one arm swings.  This on top of our daily strength training should have made for some improved numbers or at least keeping at your previous 1RM.

If you missed the opportunity on Wednesday to do your 1RM back squat you can always make it up at open gym. Remember, we have a new schedule!  MWF are still the same but Tues/Thurs are now 7am, 9am and 5pm with open gym at 8am.  You can come workout Sundays at 8am now too!  How exciting!

Next week is Veterans Day and we will be keeping a Crossfit tradition on completing a Hero WOD that day.  Named after fallen soldiers these workouts are not our typical Jab Crossfit WOD.  They are meant to be tough and will push you to your limit!  We will all be working out Wednesday in honor of our soldiers both past and present.  Be on the lookout for the plan for Wednesday!

Keep up the good work, team! Carissa