Week of 11/16 to 11/20

Week of 11/16 to 11/20

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Since you’ve been in the gym the last couple of weeks you will have noticed we were trying a new way to write RX’s for our wod’s.  We were so excited to give it a try and are now happy to say we will continue the trend!  I, personally, really like the three different variations.  For our newer athletes it gives you a goal of which to work towards.  For our athletes that usually RX every wod, now you have a new challenge.  For some of us trying to get that intermediate rx, it is still a challenge!  One thing we would like to guide you to do when choosing which level you will work towards is please pick the RX that you can safely do.  If it’s hard and you have to take longer, that’s great!  If it’s a wod where you can RX everything but your toes to bar or you use a band to do your pull ups, that’s ok too!  What we would prefer is if you have to modify something try and make it just one thing and rx the rest.  Your coaches are happy to help you decide if you need some guidance!

Next week is Thanksgiving!  Looking forward to some family time, food and a little relaxation.  Please note that we will have a modified schedule next week!  Definitely no classes on Thursday.  Time for you to enjoy your rest day and eat some delicious food and enjoy your company!  Please be on the lookout for which classes are running on Wed and Friday.  Back to a regular schedule Saturday and Sunday.

One more thing, I’d like all of you to start thinking about a goal you have for the gym.  I’ll come back to this in another post but I want it to be on your mind for a bit.  I started talking with some of you in class about how awesome it is that you have your double unders now or you can do kipping pull ups.  So fantastic!!  What are your goals?  Maybe it’s muscle ups?  A heavier front squat?  Perfecting your snatch?  Walking handstands?  We all have something we want to work hard at and can’t wait for the day to achieve it!  I have a bucket full of goals.  I’m ever so slowly chipping away at them 😉

Keep moving!