Week of 11/2-11/6

Week of 11/2-11/6

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Hello Jabletes! This week we hit some new PR’s in the back squat!  Your coaches were so proud to see you working hard to challenge yourself to those new numbers.   Almost every single one of you hit a new PR and that’s something to be proud of!  These PR’s will now be used in our strength cycle, something we use all the time and when followed correctly equal results!  You might have noticed we’ve done a lot of additional core work over the past few months, something we all know is essential to lifting heavy weight.  Leg lifts, those painful max hold planks (and once with weight!) and kettlebell one arm swings.  This on top of our daily strength training should have made for some improved numbers or at least keeping at your previous 1RM.

If you missed the opportunity on Wednesday to do your 1RM back squat you can always make it up at open gym. Remember, we have a new schedule!  MWF are still the same but Tues/Thurs are now 7am, 9am and 5pm with open gym at 8am.  You can come workout Sundays at 8am now too!  How exciting!

Next week is Veterans Day and we will be keeping a Crossfit tradition on completing a Hero WOD that day.  Named after fallen soldiers these workouts are not our typical Jab Crossfit WOD.  They are meant to be tough and will push you to your limit!  We will all be working out Wednesday in honor of our soldiers both past and present.  Be on the lookout for the plan for Wednesday!

Keep up the good work, team! Carissa