Week of 12/28 to 1/1

Hello Jabletes!

Christmas has passed, along with all the presents, family, friends, food and tasty beverages I hope you got some time for yourself and perhaps some time to workout.  Last week was a fun week of WOD’s, especially Kelly on Xmas eve!  If you are traveling I hope you are getting some time for a hike, run, hit another Crossfit box (like Marta and Martin are in Spain-can’t wait to hear about it!) or doing your own travel wod.  This week we are open everyday except Sunday the 3rd.  If you are back in town come in, we’d love to see you!

This week is New Years and just about everyone is talking about New Years resolution. Coach Chris mentioned to me recently, a friend of his called it “re-solution”.  I love that.  We all have goals, some bigger than others, but goals all the same.  Some years you start with the best intentions and then it slowly dissolves away.  I love the idea of making your goals reachable and if it’s the same goal year after year taking some steps to reexamine it.  Maybe your goals are not realistically attainable? Make your goals something you know you can do.  Instead of the “lose weight” goal, make it “workout at least 3x a week”.  Instead of “eat healthier” make it “no more diet cokes with lunch”.  Start with small steps, see the results and keep up the good work!

What are your goals?  Are they specific to your workouts?  Your lifestyle?  A habit you’d like to change?  Maybe you want to conquer your double-unders this year?  Get those kipping pullups at last?  Be able to do a handstand?  Aim for the next RX level for wods?  Talk to your coaches, let us know what you want to focus on and we will be happy to help you get there!

The schedule this week is here:

MON 12/28 regular classes

TUES 12/29 regular classes

WED 12/30 regular classes

THURS 12/31 9am only!

FRI 1/1 5pm only!

SAT 1/2 regular 8am class



Happy New Year!


Week of 12/21

Jabeletes!  The holiday season is suddenly upon us!  How did this happen so fast?

We have a modified schedule this week, please try to make it in!  If you are traveling and would like some ideas for wods you can do anywhere besides 100 burpees ask your coach!

M 12/21 & TU 12/22 — Regular Class Schedule
W 12/23 — Regular Class Schedule
TH 12/24 — 9am Only!
F 12/25 — Closed
SA 12/26 and/or SU 12/27 — 8am


It’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything about etiquette for our gym.  The coaches felt it was time to refresh and especially with welcoming so many awesome new athletes!

1. Be Friendly!  Introduce yourself to new athletes.  Coming to crossfit for the first time can be very intimidating!  Knowing who you are working out next to can be very reassuring that they aren’t the only ones suffering 😉
2. Don’t drop empty barbells!  Please treat our equipment with respect.
3. Put away equipment and wipe up! (sweat, chalk, etc)
4. Leave no trace (take home your water, gloves, sweaty wrist wraps, etc)
5. If you bleed disinfect the bar, mags, etc
6. BE COACHABLE!  And please let your coach know if you have an injury!
7. Cheer on your fellow athletes!  And please oh please wait until everyone is done with the wod before you clean up!
8. Execute full range of motion!  Don’t cheat yourself.  Nothing makes your coaches happier than to see your amazing, perfect form especially if you end up in competitions!
9. Be aware of your surroundings!  Carry barbells vertically, make sure you have a good, safe spot on the mat to do your wod and be aware of athletes lifting heavy weight overhead!
10. You can modify, slow down and rest but don’t quit!

Have a wonderful time celebrating this week with family and friends.  See you in the gym and keep moving!


Week of 11/30 to 12/4

Hello Jabletes!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!  We hosted my extended family, smoked a turkey (which was very tasty!) and had all the usual sides.  I tried to make it as “clean” as possible but somethings were out of my control.  In particular, PIE!  My mother in law could win awards for her pies and last time she brought one to our house we had just started the Whole 30 and I had to say a very sad “no thank you”.  This time, however, I got to taste the absolute incredibleness of her pumpkin pie and didn’t feel bad one bit.    This made me think about the holidays and the usual weight gain that comes with them.  Typically, the average American gains 5 lbs over the holidays.  With the holiday shuffle, parties, stress and, yes, guilt it’s easy to not fit in your regular workout every week as we get closer and closer to the end of the year.  This is the best time to make sure you get yourself into class!  You’ll sweat.  You will swear.  You’ll hate it  while you are doing it but you will love yourself after for putting in that extra effort!  Exercise is known to help relieve stress.  You will feel less guilty about those delicious little Christmas cookies that show up at work or your house, or the party food and drinks.  This is a time to take a deep breath and take an hour for yourself!  You deserve it 😉 You’ve made these great habits for yourself, try to keep them!

Tis the season of giving!  This December, you can provide a toy to a child battling cancer just by checking in on Facebook at Jab Crossfit. We’ve partnered with Sweat Angels and a great charity called Go4TheGoal to make this possible. For every 25 Facebook check-ins at Jab Crossfit, Sweat Angels will provide one toy! So don’t forget to check in on Facebook each time you visit. For more information about this month’s cause, visit go4thegoal.org.  We are also doing our annual Treehouse Holiday Drive!  You’ll notice in our lobby we have a christmas tree with tags on it.  Treehouse is a local organization dedicated to improving the lives of foster kids.  Pick a tag on the tree, purchase a wish for that child and bring it back unwrapped by Saturday December 19th!

Keep up the good work everyone!