Week of 1/25

Week of 1/25

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As you noticed if you were in class this past Tuesday we did a workout from Crossfit Open in 2013!  13.4, meaning 2013 and the 4th workout in the Open.   It’s a good one, and we will continue to do old Crossfit Open workouts between now and when the Crossfit Open begins Feb. 25th.  There are a few reasons for us redoing old Open WODS.  They are challenging, they are fun and it’ll start to prepare your mind (and body) for when this years Open begins later next month!  Once the Open begins these are the WODS that you’ll want to give that little extra push in, those last few reps before the timer hits. They aren’t any different from WODs we usually do at Jab Crossfit, but they are certainly more exciting and with that excitement comes energy and enthusiasm!   I have officially registered for the CrossFit Open!   If you go to http://games.crossfit.com/ and type “Jab CrossFit” in the search bar, you’ll see our gym pop up as well as all athletes registered for the Open.  I hope you are considering signing up,  if you are still unsure remember that the cost is $20 and each wod has both scaled and Rx options available.   So far it’s just Martin and I!  Masters are strong!

Something that came up this week that has been on my mind is deciding your weight in a WOD.  We write RX’s as a guidance, a goal for those of you that are newer to Crossfit, a challenge for those of you that hit the prescribed weight every time.  That said, it is so important to take the time to build up your strength from novice rx to intermediate rx to advanced rx.  The best way to check if you are using the right weight for a WOD is to try it.  Do a few warm up reps before Coach starts the timer, thinking about all the movements in the WOD.  Does it feel too light?  Add a bit more.  Too heavy?  Take a bit off.  Then, check in with your Coach, we are there to guide you!  We know what you are capable of doing!  It is our job to make sure you are working with appropriate weight.  Your coach is trained to challenge you and keep you safe.  Furthermore, that great Crossfit article you read online about making gains or your fellow athlete may have good intentions encouraging you but they do not know your history, the goals of the workout or what the programming is in the future.   Another way to check your weight is at the end of the WOD.  Did you come in far ahead of everyone else working out?  There is a good chance your weight was too easy for you.  Did you finish long after everyone else?  Maybe the weight was too heavy.  What I’m saying is your weight for a workout should be challenging but should never compromise your technique.  During a workout it is absolutely ok to take weight off if it feels too heavy or even add weight if it feels too easy.  Worried about wasting time changing up your weight?  Coach will be right there to help you.

Keep up the good work everyone!  Love seeing everyone improving in class, your dedication is paying off!