16.1 completed!

Congratulations everyone!  You have completed the first Open WOD for 2016!  You should all be very proud of yourselves.  This was a burner for sure!  If you are still sore please be sure to get into the gym and do some mobility!

For those of you that are officially registered for the Open, here is how it’ll work: Head over to the Crossfit games page http://games.crossfit.com/ and sign in.  You’ll be prompted to input your score for 16.1 for a total of reps.  For instance, Annie completed 9+15 so she will input 249 for her reps.  These are posted on our Jab Crossfit FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/JabAthletes/page if you didn’t write it down.  Your affiliate is Jab Crossfit and you’ll have to write the name of one of the judges.  We have all of the coaches officially registered to judge so you’ll input either myself (Carissa Mellroth), Annie Beyer, Abigail Allyn, Chris Herrman or Ashley Fowler and if you completed the workout Rx or scaled.   Lastly, you’ll need to input your scores by Monday 2/29.  No late scores are accepted!  I am the affiliate manager and will validate your scores by mid-day Monday!   If you have any questions please ask your coaches!  Can’t wait to see what 16.2 brings us!  Now that pull ups and (thank goodness) burpees are done we most likely will not see those again during the Open.

For those of you who did scale or RX the 16.1 wod and realized that although mentally and physically challenging you actually could see yourself signing up for the Crossfit Open there is still time!  You have until Monday 2/29 as well to register!  We now have a total of 7 athletes registered from Jab Crossfit.  This makes me so happy!

Lastly, we have decided to do another Whole 30 for the month of March!  This is completely optional!  Its a great way to eat clean for a whole month, think of it as a reset for your body.  If you’ve never done the Whole 30 before and have been curious about it this is a chance to give it a go with your community as your support.    We’ve done this challenge in the past with great success!  We plan to start Monday, March 7th.  Head on over to the website for a good overview of what the Whole 30 looks like http://whole30.com/  If you have any questions ask in class!  We have a lot of athletes who are well versed in the Whole 30 and have lots of information they are happy to share.  We have a Whole 30 facebook page that is very resourceful for ideas, support, questions, and posts with beautiful food made by your fellow athletes.  Let me know if you’d like to be added!

Also, this week we will hit some new PR’s for your Strict Press and Front Squat!  You’ve all been working hard, I think we’ll see some new numbers this week!

Nice work everyone!  See you this week!




The Open is finally here!


This is the week!  The Open begins!  Never heard of the Crossfit Open before?  I know I’ve been talking about it a lot lately but a quick lowdown is this:  Every year Crossfit headquarters hosts the Crossfit Games.  The Open happens for 5 weeks, one workout each week.  Elite athletes all over the world have been hard at work all year training for the Open as the top athletes will then go onto the Crossfit Regionals and from there the Crossfit Games!

This coming Thursday evening, Crossfit will announce the first workout for 2016, or 16.1 as it is called.  I am thrilled, it is a fun time of year for all of us athletes to really test our abilities, our endurance, our strength and most of all, our mental stamina to go the distance!  Have you heard the quote, your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will?  We have no idea what any of these workouts will be until they are announced.  Some love to see the announcement and know what to expect come the next day, some decide to be pleasantly (?) surprised!  I, myself, like to watch the announcements.  I love to see these amazing athletes do the workout, making it look a bit easier than it really is, and come into the gym the next day with anticipation of how we will all do!

So far we have three officially signed up.  It’s not too late!  Go to the Crossfit site, http://games.crossfit.com/ to sign up.  Make sure you register with Jab Crossfit as your affiliate.  This Friday we will all be doing 16.1, I can’t wait to see what it is!    Still unsure?  There are both rx and scaled versions of each workout.  They are challenging, as you’ve seen the past few weeks repeating past Open WODS, but oh so much fun!

Keep up the good work everyone!




Repeater- no, not the Fugazi album.

Hello Jabletes!

Hope you had a great weekend and some of you may have watched the Super Bowl!  What a great game for Manning and I loved the half time show!  Those types of days are filled with friends and food.  Two of my favorite things.  I hope you all indulged and did not feel the least bit guilty!  You were right back in this week crushing your WODS, your commitment to coming to workout every week gives you the freedom to indulge every so often!

At Jab Crossfit we repeat WODS every so often.   Measuring progress is essential in Crossfit.  If you did a WOD 6 months to a year ago  and repeated it there is a great chance that you have have gained strength and endurance since the last time you did it.   I love those days!  Nothing feels like progress than knowing you lifted heavier weight and/or shaved minutes off your time!  This is the beauty of Crossfit, to improve our fitness!  Like our favorite Coach Tyler once said, numbers don’t lie!

Another reminder that the Open begins in just 2 weeks!  When you go to register, please make sure you select Jab Crossfit as your affiliate.  Hope you have all enjoyed repeating past Open WODS lately!  This gives you a chance to see if you have improved since last year and if you are new to Crossfit to get a glimpse into what the Open will be like!  This week we hit an old WOD that some find very unpleasant.  7 min AMRAP of burpees.  Nobody likes burpees but in doing the workout you partnered up and “coached” each other, keeping track of how many burpees your partner is doing in those 7 minutes.  Cheered them on!  This is a lot like what the open WODS will be like, doing the workouts in heats and partnering up to keep track of your scores.  The workouts are hard and sometimes its even harder to keep track of how many reps you have done in that moment of high heart rate, loud music, adrenaline pumping through your veins, everyone cheering you on.  Believe me, it’s fun!  It’s challenging!  Nothing feels better than to hear Coach yell “time!” at the end and you collapse on the mat feeling like your heart is about to burst from your chest.

Lastly, a reminder that on Presidents Day we will run one wod at 10:45am!  Hope you can all make it!  It’ll be a good one!

Keep up the great work everyone!


Week of 2/1


We are inching closer and closer to the Crossfit Open!  Less than 3 weeks away now, still Martin and I are the only two signed up from our gym.  If you didn’t get a chance to read this blog I posted to our facebook page please take a moment to read it now http://www.shethrivesblog.com/blog/2016/1/22/yes-you-should-sign-up-for-the-open Like she says, doing the Open is a fantastic community builder for our gym!  I highly encourage all of you to sign up, even if you are nervous about being able to do the wods as prescribed there are scaled versions!  Believe me, it’s doable!

Along with the Open coming up, and the challenges it presents to us it reminds me of things I absolutely dread seeing in a workout.  Namely thrusters and double unders.  We all have our thing or things that make us cringe when we see them written on the whiteboard.  I call those two my kryptonite, meaning these are the two that slow me down in a workout, that I know zap all of my energy.  But I keep doing them.  every. single. week.  Why?  I know these are the two things that slow me down, that make me feel completely wrecked but if I avoid them I’ll never string those double unders together or get more explosive in my thrusters.  They will never improve and will just get worse.  When you walk into the gym and you see your kryptonite on the white board, you can groan, grumble and complain but I know you will still do the workout because you are an athlete and you have the ability to push yourself to do things even if you don’t want to do them.  You made the commitment to walk into the gym that day and every day, you know the workouts are programmed to challenge you and make you better, stronger and faster.  I’ll never forget walking into the gym and seeing that the wod was 100 burpees for time.  I couldn’t leave, coach had already seen me and even though I was fairly new to Crossfit back then I stuck with it and pushed myself through 100 burpees.  It was hard and I wanted to quit but my fellow athletes cheered me on and I finished it, collapsing on the mat.  But, I keep coming back for more!

Lastly, Annie and Judy recently completed their Level-1 Crossfit Certification!  Please congratulate them and ask them how it was!

Keep up the good work everyone!