Week of 2/1

Week of 2/1

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We are inching closer and closer to the Crossfit Open!  Less than 3 weeks away now, still Martin and I are the only two signed up from our gym.  If you didn’t get a chance to read this blog I posted to our facebook page please take a moment to read it now http://www.shethrivesblog.com/blog/2016/1/22/yes-you-should-sign-up-for-the-open Like she says, doing the Open is a fantastic community builder for our gym!  I highly encourage all of you to sign up, even if you are nervous about being able to do the wods as prescribed there are scaled versions!  Believe me, it’s doable!

Along with the Open coming up, and the challenges it presents to us it reminds me of things I absolutely dread seeing in a workout.  Namely thrusters and double unders.  We all have our thing or things that make us cringe when we see them written on the whiteboard.  I call those two my kryptonite, meaning these are the two that slow me down in a workout, that I know zap all of my energy.  But I keep doing them.  every. single. week.  Why?  I know these are the two things that slow me down, that make me feel completely wrecked but if I avoid them I’ll never string those double unders together or get more explosive in my thrusters.  They will never improve and will just get worse.  When you walk into the gym and you see your kryptonite on the white board, you can groan, grumble and complain but I know you will still do the workout because you are an athlete and you have the ability to push yourself to do things even if you don’t want to do them.  You made the commitment to walk into the gym that day and every day, you know the workouts are programmed to challenge you and make you better, stronger and faster.  I’ll never forget walking into the gym and seeing that the wod was 100 burpees for time.  I couldn’t leave, coach had already seen me and even though I was fairly new to Crossfit back then I stuck with it and pushed myself through 100 burpees.  It was hard and I wanted to quit but my fellow athletes cheered me on and I finished it, collapsing on the mat.  But, I keep coming back for more!

Lastly, Annie and Judy recently completed their Level-1 Crossfit Certification!  Please congratulate them and ask them how it was!

Keep up the good work everyone!