Whole 30 week 1 and 16.2!

Whole 30 week 1 and 16.2!

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Congrats on completing 16.2 which was one tough workout, no doubt, and you all did an incredible job.  You should be proud of your determination, strength and endurance.  Super impressed that Chris, Brian and Martin returned this weekend to give RX 16.2  another go!  Those of you that did 16.2 scaled, you worked your hardest and you got a fantastic workout!   Can’t wait to see 16.3, whatever they throw at us.  We are ready!


Tomorrow begins day 1 of the Whole 30!  Full of emotions about taking on a daily challenge?  Don’t worry, you are surrounded by Whole 30 pro’s that have excellent tips, recipes and inspiration!  Ask around in class!  Post on our Whole 30 FB page!  Here are a couple of links to get you started in case this is your first time.

The Official Whole 30 site http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/

A big hit with everyone for the past few challenges we have done at Jab is Nom Nom Paleo.  Her cookbook and blog are fantastic resources to help you get inspired for your meals.  http://nomnompaleo.com/post/42057515329/the-round-up-30-days-of-whole30-recipes

I’ve also founds great resources on Pinterest.

This challenge is hard, yes, but I think it is important to remember that it is only 30 days and doing with the support of your fellow athletes is what makes it fun and doable!  I have learned so much from doing the Whole 30 challenge numerous times in the past and I know, personally, it makes a huge difference in my workouts.  I feel clearer, sharper, stronger and that I have more in the tank to get through those challenging wods!

Let me know if you want to be added to the Whole 30 FB group!  Want to be removed (maybe because you can’t stand to see our beautiful, healthy , photos of our meals)?  I’ll take you off the group 😉

Lastly this week we will hit 1RM’s in the Push Press!  Make sure you get into the gym Tuesday or Wednesday to get those numbers!  Nice work on PR’s last week and remember, not everyone will always hit a new PR.  It’s frustrating, yes, but after a while of hitting new numbers every time we have gone for that 1RM we end up plateauing and it gets harder to be able go heavier.  Or, maybe you haven’t been as consistent in coming in as you used to.  That’s ok!

Keep up the good work!