Whole 30 week 2 and 16.3!

Whole 30 week 2 and 16.3!

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Congratulations on making it to the half way point of the Crossfit Open!  So far we’ve seen lunges, burpees, pull ups, squat cleans, double unders, toe to bar, snatch and bar muscle ups!  What will 16.4 and 16.5 bring us?  Can’t wait to find out!  All of the workouts have been challenging in their own ways but it’s that great feeling of getting through each one that makes us all athletes.

For those of us doing the Whole 30 we are moving on to week 2!  The first week is hard, for sure.  You have to be organized to be successful.  I hope everyone has gotten through the “hangover” and “kill all things” stage and though you may feel zapped for energy, especially when you come in for your workouts keep up the good work.  Seriously!  Your body is getting used to this new way of eating and has to discover how to use the fuel you are giving it.  Soon, in a couple more weeks,  it will turn a corner and you’ll feel a burst of new energy, you’ll start sleeping better, your body might start to feel different in your clothes and your skin will start to glow.  Post some photos of your meals!  Even if you think it’s boring to look at or isn’t the prettiest plating it inspires all of us.  Sometimes I am so ravenous I’m half way through eating and then realize I have forgotten to take a photo!  Keep your eyes on the prize, getting to day 14 is key!  If you come across a great recipe share it with your community!

Before I forget, congrats on just about everyone hitting new PR’s last week!  Now you know what your working weight is!

Keep moving!


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