More Murph Prep!

Hello Jabletes!

We hope everyone was feeling great (if not a wee bit sore) after our first Murph Prep last week!  You’ll be seeing a variation of Murph once a week up until Memorial Day when we will all come together and do the full Murph Hero WOD.  All of the running, pull ups, push ups and squats in the coming weeks will help prepare you for the big one.  We are excited!  Coming together as a community to support each other, encourage and cheer for one another is a great way to pay respect to Navy Lieutenant  Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005.  This was his favorite WOD and he nicknamed it “Body Armor” and Crossfit’s main site says it “will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is”.  It’s a tough one, most certainly, but with lots of practice will get our bodies ready.  Keep up on the hand care!  I’m sure most of you saw the bloody hand post on our facebook page last week with tips on callus care, if you missed it take a moment to read and please do take care of those hands!  If you have any questions please ask your coach!

Keep moving!


Murph Prep begins!

Happy Spring, Jabletes!

I hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve been having!  For those of you that traveled during spring break, looks like you’ve all had a fantastic time on warm tropical islands and welcome back to beautiful Seattle!  I’m sure all of you, hopefully, took some time to relax and maybe do a few workouts on your trip 😉 We all have the best intentions but sometimes it’s nice to just get away from it all and enjoy the moment with your families.  Or you did so much walking, swimming, surfing, etc that you DID get a great workout no matter if you were in the gym or outside!  Coming back to the gym after vacation can be hard, sometimes.  It can be harder if you’ve taken a week off so be sure to take it easy on yourself this next week!  Dial it back a bit, a teeny bit lower weight for instance,  may be just what you need to keep yourself from being too sore and unable to move the next day!  Those of you who did not travel, you sure worked hard the last few weeks at Jab Crossfit!  Be sure to mention that to your fellow tanned athletes 😉

Starting this week we will begin prep for Murph!  For those of you new to Crossfit, Murph is a hero wod that everyone in the Crossfit community does on Memorial Day in honor of Lt Michael Murphy, a Navy SEAL who was killed in Afghanistan and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.  Murph is tough, long, a mental and physical challenge that we have always done as one big group on Memorial Day.  In the coming weeks before the end of May we will begin prepping for this big wod by breaking it down and slowly building the run, pull ups, pushups and squats until we get to the full workout.  Believe me, it’s worth the prep and so great to come together as a community on Memorial Day!

Lastly, I want to congratulate Coach Ashley on getting her Level-1 cert late last month!  If you see her, ask her how her certification went!

Keep up the good work, everyone!


you against you

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.


Spring break is upon us and if you are just returning from warm tropical climates, welcome home!  If you are jetting off to a wonderful vacation, have a fantastic trip!  Those of you here in Seattle, I am sure you have been enjoying the gorgeous weather.  What a welcome to spring!  Some of you have asked in class about some ideas for WODS to do while you are away for a week.  The best is checking out and my favorite  I love that you are looking for something to keep moving while you are away from the gym!  Doing something is better than nothing if you want to come back after your week away and get right back into the swing of things at Jab Crossfit.  Believe me, I’ve learned the hard way over the years!  Make it fun!  Get the kids involved!  Do a healthy little competitive workout with your family!  Tabatas are great travel workouts.  You can do them anywhere, in your hotel room, in the hotel gym, on the beach or by the pool.  It’s quick and a sure way to get that heart rate up!  Most of all, I hope everyone has a wonderful break from the regular routine!  I’m traveling with my family this evening to Los Angeles to celebrate my mother’s birthday!  Tomorrow we are going to the horse races at Santa Anita Racetrack, then Monday to Universal Studios (Harry Potter!!!), finishing off our quick trip to a tour of the Paramount Lot!  Looking forward to it!

I recently came across a quote that made me think about all athletes.  “It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty for which her body is capable”- Socrates.  I know this mainly speaks to women but definitely with men too.  You put time and effort into your workouts.   You have dedicated yourself to doing better FOR yourself.  You may have started to  see changes in how your clothes fit.  You have started to use a slightly heavier weight knowing it’ll be challenging but also knowing you CAN do it!  Don’t give up and keep up all of your amazing hard work!  It’s making a difference!

Lastly, we have a new schedule!  Just a reminder here’s our class times:
*Yes 8am Sunday

*Yes 9:30am TU/TH (this replaces the 9am class)
*Yes 12pm MWF
*Yes 6:30am M-F
*Yes 5:00pm M-F

No 8am Saturday  and No 9:30am MWF

Keep moving!


Back to our regular programming!

Hello Jabletes!

Now that the open is passed we can look forward to our regular programming!  Last week we saw some skill work (rope climbing, snatch progression), a fun circuit wod and a long chipper.  This is the essence of crossfit. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.

Yes, we occasionally will have days that feel relatively “easy” compared to other days but we have very good reasons for this.  As athletes we take time to work on technique and some days we will do that in an emom, which I personally love.  It’s an environment in which we can take the time to work on perfecting our form.  There is no hurry as everyone moves at the same time!  You will still get that heart rate up, you’ll still break a sweat.  No, you won’t be collapsed on the ground with your heart bursting from your chest but it’s STILL SO important!  And don’t worry, pretty much every other day you’ll be challenged with heavy weight, long AMRAP’s or short but intense couplets!

Lastly, now that the Whole 30 is over don’t ditch that idea of clean eating entirely.  Moderation is key but didn’t you feel fantastic towards the end of the 30 days?  I, personally, have so much more energy especially during our wods.  I love an occasional cocktail or glass of wine, chocolate, bread, etc but I definitely feel a huge difference in my energy level if I keep those things to special occasion only and not a regular everyday thing.  (though that DOES happen to me, usually over the holidays!  Then I pay for it! Ouch!)  Now that we are done with the Whole 30 think about what kinds of changes you want to incorporate in your life, be it less sugary foods, less processed foods, etc.  This is the best time to stick with a new game plan!  Want to continue?  Ask your coaches and fellow athletes for more info!  Within our community we have a wealth of information!

We will have more fun this week!  There is more sunshine in our forecast and you know we love to get outside when it’s not pouring down rain!

Keep moving, everyone!  You are looking great and your commitment to yourself is making a huge difference!