Back to our regular programming!

Back to our regular programming!

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Hello Jabletes!

Now that the open is passed we can look forward to our regular programming!  Last week we saw some skill work (rope climbing, snatch progression), a fun circuit wod and a long chipper.  This is the essence of crossfit. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.

Yes, we occasionally will have days that feel relatively “easy” compared to other days but we have very good reasons for this.  As athletes we take time to work on technique and some days we will do that in an emom, which I personally love.  It’s an environment in which we can take the time to work on perfecting our form.  There is no hurry as everyone moves at the same time!  You will still get that heart rate up, you’ll still break a sweat.  No, you won’t be collapsed on the ground with your heart bursting from your chest but it’s STILL SO important!  And don’t worry, pretty much every other day you’ll be challenged with heavy weight, long AMRAP’s or short but intense couplets!

Lastly, now that the Whole 30 is over don’t ditch that idea of clean eating entirely.  Moderation is key but didn’t you feel fantastic towards the end of the 30 days?  I, personally, have so much more energy especially during our wods.  I love an occasional cocktail or glass of wine, chocolate, bread, etc but I definitely feel a huge difference in my energy level if I keep those things to special occasion only and not a regular everyday thing.  (though that DOES happen to me, usually over the holidays!  Then I pay for it! Ouch!)  Now that we are done with the Whole 30 think about what kinds of changes you want to incorporate in your life, be it less sugary foods, less processed foods, etc.  This is the best time to stick with a new game plan!  Want to continue?  Ask your coaches and fellow athletes for more info!  Within our community we have a wealth of information!

We will have more fun this week!  There is more sunshine in our forecast and you know we love to get outside when it’s not pouring down rain!

Keep moving, everyone!  You are looking great and your commitment to yourself is making a huge difference!