You can’t outwork a bad diet

You can’t outwork a bad diet

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms at Jab!  I hope you had an amazing weekend and were treated like queens!  I had a fantastic weekend that began with our last elementary school auction.  Had some sugar, for the first time since the whole 30, in the form of CAKE.  Simply Desserts makes the most amazing strawberry cake, it’s true, and if you are going to indulge I highly suggest making it worth it!  It can, however, make you feel like complete garbage the following day especially if you stick to a pretty clean diet regularly.  I felt sluggish the following day, slightly hungover and it didn’t feel good.  I wanted to nap and do nothing more.  Blah!

This is the perfect example of how diet effects us.  You’ve heard it before.  Abs are made in the kitchen.  It’s absolutely true!   Sugar is the main culprit, be it in the form of alcohol or treats, it causes inflammation which causes bloating and weight gain.  You work hard every week, if you feel like you are not getting the results you were hoping for its time to look at your diet.  Ideally your meals should consist mainly of lean protein, vegetables, fat and fruit.  Think of it all as fuel for your workouts.  But lets not call it a “diet” lets just call it eating healthy.  Sure we all have our times that we veer from our eating healthy lifestyle.  Remember my cake?  Its absolutely ok, just don’t let it sabotage what you have been doing and throw in the towel.  Keep up the clean eating and getting into the gym and it all comes together!  Twice a year we do a Whole 30.  We think of this time as a “reset” in our lifestyle.  A month without sugar, grains, dairy and yes, alcohol.  It is very tough the first time but every go around it gets easier.  The best part is coming together as a community and giving each other the support to get through the 30 days.  Who else but your fellow athlete that can complain right along with you or inspire you to try a new recipe?  We just wrapped up our Whole 30 in March, the next time we will do this is typically October.  But why wait until then?  Making small changes now will certainly benefit you and make that transition to a whole month of strict paleo that much easier.  Think about limiting one thing from your plate/cup that your normally have.  And like I mentioned, we are human and there will be times that we feel like indulging a little bit here and there and that is perfectly OK!  Want more info?  Ask your coaches and your fellow athletes what they eat!  What changes have they made over the months and years of Crossfit that have made a difference?

This week we have some slow back squats with a 3 second pause at the bottom (ooh the quads!), strict pull up progressions, Murph Prep and of course some fun and challenging WODS coming your way!  See you in the gym!

Keep moving,