Summer is here!!

Summer is here!!

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How is it already coming towards the end of JUNE??  Time flies.  I know this personally because I swear it was just the other day that both of my kids were in elementary school and yesterday I went to my son’s 8th grade promotion.  Today is my daughter’s 5th grade promotion.  How did I suddenly end up with kids in high school and a middle school?  I think I see another grey hair and a few more wrinkles.  😉

Like I mentioned last week we all know summer is a time to travel, camp, take time for the family, summer school and such.  Sometimes its harder to get your own time to workout.  Remember, any activity is better than no activity when you can’t make it into Jab.  Going for a family bike ride, hiking, swimming- that’s all Crossfit too!  For those of you already worried about getting enough time in the gym, do what you can.  If you have kids, let them read a book on the bench while you workout!

Finally, the Crossfit Games are looming and if time is flying by as fast as it seems we will get to watch the games on ESPN in the very near future!  I, personally, cannot wait!  Bring out the popcorn and kick back and watch some incredible athletes compete?  Ablsolutely!  Come July 19th, I’ll be glued!  So excited to see Ben Smith, Matthew Fraiser and Josh Bridges do this year but especially the incredible female athletes: Camille, the ‘dottirs, Samantha and Kara to name a few!

Keep moving, athletes!  You are looking strong!  Get in for the strength cycles as we will be hitting a new 1RM back squat in the near future!