“Don’t Forget the Fun”-JournalMENU

“Don’t Forget the Fun”-JournalMENU

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You may or may not have ever come into Jab, looked at the board and thought “oh no.  I can’t DO that!”  I know I have!  Early on in my Crossfit days, I walked in one morning and saw the WOD and Chris saw the look on my face and said to me, ” you are here, you can’t leave now!” Darn it!  I cringed.  I was in that room with some of the most athletic people in our gym at that time and I dreaded doing this workout with them.  I did it, it felt horrible and it took me forever to recover but I didn’t leave.  I stayed in there because even though I knew this particular wod was not in my wheel house I pushed myself to do it anyways.  Through the cheers of my fellow athletes I did it and I did the best I could and you know what?  I slowly, over time, got better.  Back in those days I’d just do what I could to give my all and not let the things I was unable to do deter me from coming back for more.  Nope, I was hooked and I wanted to meet those goals someday.  I wanted to be able to do an unassisted pull up, I wanted to do pushups on my toes, I wanted to be able to finally do more than one double under in a row and not whip the heck out of my body in the process.  I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from trying because I knew that’s how I would eventually and ever so slowly crush those goals.  People, I still have goals.  I’m still unable to do muscle ups, chest to bar pull ups, run fast, but I never gave up on myself and neither should you.  Sure, I know it’s so darn frustrating when you finally get into the gym and are mentally prepared to work but leave feeling like you didn’t give it your all.  Do not, for a single moment, allow those days to label you as an athlete!  We all have our good and bad days.  Sometimes it feels like a good or bad week but we all have them.  Be patient with yourself, I promise it will come.  You are coming in here and crushing your wod every SINGLE TIME.  Trust me.  Keep coming back for more because you are an amazing athlete!  Yes, you!  Each and everyone of you are what make Jab Crossfit the most amazing place to coach, you are all a part of this incredible community that we call home! You are what makes this gym fun! Last week we had one wod in particular that the focus was INTENSITY.  You did it!  I was SO proud!  You knew the wod was short, you knew it would be hard but your pushed yourselves to go the distance, to not rest very much and to finish strong.  It totally worked.  That word, intensity, is huge.  No matter your ability or your strength, you are all able to put intensity into a workout.  That very moment when your brain says stop, that’s when you push yourself to do a little bit more.  When you were done, you left with huge smiles on your faces because it was fun, even with the level you pushed yourself to.  I loved the article that JournalMENU posted about “Don’t Forget the Fun” if you missed it, check it here

Keep crushing, keep moving!!