Jabletes are looking strong!

Jabletes are looking strong!

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Congratulations on more PR’s this week on your Front Squats!!  So proud of each and every one of you for many reasons but especially for you putting in all of your hard work and dedication to yourselves!  Summertime, as we have discussed, is an especially tricky time to get ourselves into the gym.  Some of us have kids who are out of school, some of us are traveling the world, some of us are just taking some time to enjoy those beautiful summer days and some of us are working but each of us are getting in at least 1x a week right now and that means something!  Keep up the good work, now you have some nice working weight to base your strength cycles off of and boy oh boy you’ll continue to improve!

I know I’ve been posting a lot on facebook about the Crossfit Games.  I admit, I’m addicted.  Thank you for your patience.  I love watching the most incredible athletes in the world push themselves to the limit to endure some pretty darn hard workouts day after day this week, and not just one workout a day!  They are an inspiration to me, especially as a woman in her early to late 40’s to see these 60+ year olds crushing their workouts!  I hope I look that good when I’m in my 60’s!  Goals 😉  I won’t spoil who the winners were!  You can still catch up online or on ESPN!

This week we are going to have some fun!  See you in class and keep moving!