PR’s Athletes!

PR’s Athletes!

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Look at those PR’s, people!!  Coaches are so proud of you!  Back squats in the books, Thursday next week we will hit Front Squats.  Want to go for a new 1RM but can’t make class Thursday, let you coach know you are interested in going for that a different day and we can work it out!

For some of us, including myself, we get to a point where we plateau.  Gone are the days when we were new to Crossfit and every single day was a new PR.  That’s ok!  Your gains will be smaller or take longer but stick with it, it’ll happen.

I read some great motivation yesterday titled “Do What is Hard” that really resonated with me.  Personally, pushing myself to do a slightly heavier weight outside of my comfort zone, to do those toe to bar even if I don’t have the arm strength that day and can only do singles, I’m constantly challenging myself.  Yes, there are times when we don’t WANT to do the WOD but we know we need to.  The hardest part may have been showing up for class now get the work done!  Find that intensity every day!  Read it here

The 2016 Crossfit Games begin on Tuesday!!  Can’t wait!  I am so excited and cannot wait to watch it all!

Keep moving, athletes!  So proud of each and every one of you!!