2016 Olympics are here!

2016 Olympics are here!

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Suddenly we are in our second week of August.  Like my kids keep saying, summer is almost over!  Now, now.  Take it easy.  We have many weeks left of “summer” and knowing the PNW we may get a beautiful, hot September.  Just in time for school to start!  Now, the Crossfit Games may be long over but we now have the Olympics!  Have you watched?  Last night I saw Sopita Tanasan from Thailand clean and jerk a hefty 200kg!  She had beautiful form and so darn strong!  Tonight Tia Toomey, whom you may remember as coming in second place in the Crossfit Games, will compete in weightlifting.  Also planning to watch  gymnastics, volleyball,  track and field,  swimming, diving, table tennis, bicycling.  Its all pretty awesome and inspiring!

This past weekend I was with my incredible extended family in California.  All ages, from 13 months old to 98 years old!  My 98 year old great aunt is still working out in the gym at her assisted living, emails her nieces and nephews, and is sharp as a tack.  She shared a quote from her own mother which was, “don’t get old”.   Sure, she uses a walker but she’s never stopped moving!  Getting old is in our minds, we can stop doing what we are doing at some point or we can never stop and make sure that we will always be able to pick something up and carry it, go up and down stairs, sit down and stand up.  Heck, did you see the 60+ year old Masters at the Games?  That’s motivation in itself!

Don’t stop moving and don’t get old!