Love what your body can do!

Love what your body can do!

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I came across a great read online the other day.  A Crossfit Games athlete (and former USC basketball player) , Jamie Hagiya,  had seen a photo of herself standing alongside Katrin Davidsdottir, Jen Smith and Christy Adkins.  As you can imagine all of these women are in the most incredible shape of their lives.  They have all made the Crossfit Games, make exercise the highest priority yet Jamie only saw how she looked compared to the other women and felt terrible about it.  I know, it seems crazy!  Yet we all have our imperfections and sometimes that gets in the way of how we see ourselves as athletes.  Yes, you are an athlete.  Men and women alike, we each have that “thing” that we wish we didn’t have or wish we did have.  It’s easy to let that get in the way of the more important aspect: how we are feeling.  How do you feel during a tough WOD?  How do you feel right after?  2 hours after?  Do you notice that you are moving better, faster, stronger?  Do you see that you are slowly getting better each day?  This is how we learn to love what our bodies can do!  Don’t worry if you don’t have a 6 pack, if you have cellulite, if you don’t “look” like Katrin Davidsdottir.  Seriously, keep your eye on the prize.  Maybe you’ve been able to lift a little bit heavier, maybe you’ve got that kip finally, maybe you’ve been able to do more strict pushups on your toes, maybe you’ve strung together 5, 20 or 50 double-unders!  That’s your motivation.  Jamie ultimately realized that she should never be ashamed of how she looks.  This is the body that has been able to do so much, to take so much and with great power and determination!   She came to the conclusion that she should be damn proud of what her body can do.  She ended up posting the photo on Instagram 😉

Everyone enjoying some Olympics?  Watching Simone Biles in gymnastics was just awesome.  My daughter and I couldn’t believe such a short and super strong young women could generate that much power!  We screamed and yelled when Kerri Walsh Jennings won yet another gold medal in beach volleyball!  We hooted and hollered for Simone Manuel when she tied for the gold in her 100m freestyle.  AMAZING.  I love watching the athletes.  The men’s gymnastics?  Just incredible on the rings!  They make it look so easy, go ahead, try that iron cross-ha!!

This week we will be hitting a 1RM Snatch!  Super excited as this is a tricky lift, one that we haven’t hit a PR on in a while and we will do some preparation the day before.  Can’t wait!

Keep moving!