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First off: My apologies on my previous post.  I was so excited watching USA at beach volleyball that I neglected to see that it was the prelims!  They ultimately ended up losing in the semi finals-USA took the bronze, not the gold.

Now, did you see my article I shared on FB about shrugging?  I loved it.  Not just for the reason of how technically important it is to shrug when lifting, you can’t skip the mechanics, but also for the letting go each and every day!  Shrug off that feeling of “not doing your best” or “I don’t have x-y-z yet”.  Remember how I’ve mentioned before that not one of us is perfect.  Some athletes have been doing Crossfit for 8 years now, some of us for 4 and some of us for 1 month!  But what I love is each of us is given a challenge and we keep on trying until we ultimately get it!  Remember how scary that very first box jump felt?  Maybe you did step ups for a long time until you felt confident that you could jump both your feet at the same time and LAND on top of the box!  Boom!  You did it.  Most importantly you didn’t let that feeling of  “I can’t” get in the way of you pushing yourself.  See, you shrugged off that feeling and kept coming back!  I love that!  Keep up the good work!

Now, this last week you all did some amazing work in class and almost everyone PR’d their snatch!!  So darn proud!  This week you’ll hit a new PR for your deadlift!  Can’t wait, I know a number of you do not yet have a 1RM for your deadlift and Thursday will be the day!!

Keep moving,