Whole 30 coming soon!!

Whole 30 coming soon!!

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I hope you all were incredibly proud of yourselves in the gym!  Everyone is looking so strong, form is looking great.  Your coaches are feeling great about you!  Those PR’s the last two weeks?  AWESOME!  For new athletes those PR’s come with each lift!  For our more seasoned athletes, we sort of hit a plateau and it’s harder to get new PR’s but over time we all will.  Trust me.   Keep your eyes on the prize and you will get there.  It’s so mental, I tend to trick myself with each attempt.  Not allowing a number to get into my head just a “pick up the barbell” mentality.  We all have those days when we come into the gym and already have decided that today will be hard/can’t do my best/I’m sore and won’t do well but you know what?  That’s all negative talk in your little brain.  When you do that you already set your standard for the day and that’s not your best you.  When you get to the gym leave all those other adult/life things at the door (with your ego of course) and mentally be there for the workout.  I know, easier said than done sometimes.  But try it when you aren’t feeling it, you will be surprised to see over time that you are actually improving and getting stronger when you have your head in the game!  Same thing with the rest of real life, stay focused when you are at work and boom! it all comes together and you work efficiently.  Block out that “got to get to the gym and hope to god that we are not doing burpee box jumps today”!  School work?  Same thing.  Focus!

Now, for the past few years we have done a Whole 30 challenge in the month of October but this fall we are actually going to begin in September!!  That’s right!  I’m super excited, I love doing this as a community and inspiring each other with our meals, photos and suggestions.  You certainly can do this solo but believe me it’s much easier to do this together.  Never heard of the Whole 30 before?  Take a look at this whole 30 site.  Basically it’s a month of clean eating.  Lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts.  No dairy, grains, legumes,  sugar, alcohol.  We have a Jab Crossfit Whole 30 facebook page, if you aren’t already a part of it and would like to be added let me know!  Questions?  Ask your coaches and fellow athletes!  Want more info?  Check this Whole 30 Program Rules  I’m looking forward to this, there never is a good time to do a month of clean eating so we just have to do it!

Keep moving!