Getting there!



Nice work last week!  Coaches are so proud of your intensity, your ability to push yourselves hard and get through some of those burners!  It’s never easy, we know.  But we see your progress and it shows how dedicated you are to yourself!  For those of us athletes that are recovering from an injury or are just now getting back into the routine after a break I applaud you for really taking the time to get yourself back into it.  Scaling/modifying when you are recovering or haven’t been in the gym in a while is hard, your ego gets in the way sometimes but it’s definitely the right thing to do.  Life gets in the way sometimes and you can’t just jump right back to where you left off.  I have to fight my own ego when it comes to wods lately as I’m slowly rehabbing my knee and its starting to feel so much better but I miss getting that 20″ box jump and heavy squats.  But I know it is the right thing to do.  I want to no longer feel pain in my knee and be able to do all the things!  Patience, grasshopper.

Team Carissa is coming into the home stretch of the Whole 30 this week!  I’m not sure how you feel but I am feeling fantastic and am honestly not ready to end it yet!  I know, that sounds crazy, but I love how I feel at the end of the 30 days.  Sure there are things I miss, a good glass of wine or a cocktail with friends on the weekend, sushi, tortilla chips and salsa, peanut butter, etc but I certainly don’t miss the blah feeling of overdoing it with food or booze.  I feel so much more energy now (TIGER BLOOD!!) and plan to be “mostly” whole 30 come October.  That’s just my experience though, everyone is different and some people will not feel that energized feeling towards the end, some will.  Here is the timeline for the last half of the Whole 30 for you!

keep moving!


Days 16-27: Tiger Blood!

You’ve hit the downhill slope of your Whole30 and life is beautiful—which means different things for different people. For some (generally people who came to the program eating well, exercising regularly, and feeling pretty good to begin with), Tiger Blood means someone flipped a switch and turned on the awesome. Energy is through the roof, cravings are under control, clothes are fitting better, workouts are stronger.

For others, this Tiger Blood stage feels more like a real sense of self-efficacy. It doesn’t mean things are perfect (or even easy), but you’re proving to yourself that you can do this, things are getting better, and you’re seeing improvements (small or large) almost daily. Your energy is steadier, you’ve got a firmer handle on the cravings, and you’re experimenting with new, delicious foods.  You may notice that your ability to focus is keener, your body composition is changing, your moods are more stable, you’re stepping up your exercise, or you’re just plain happier these days.

Of course, this may not happen like magic at the halfway point. There are a huge number of factors that influence which benefits you see and when. If you’re one of those folks who has hit the halfway mark and isn’t seeing or feeling the dramatic changes others have reported*, know this: You’re not doing it wrong. If you began the Whole30 with a medical condition, a long and rooted history of unhealthy food habits, or a chronically stressful lifestyle, your “magic” may take longer to appear, and probably won’t be a “light switch” moment. Don’t stress about whether you’re feeling honest-to-goodness “Tiger Blood”—be patient, and be on the lookout for small, gradual improvements to keep you motivated. Slow and steady still wins this race.

*There really is no such thing as a “typical” Whole30. Honestly. There are just trends and common occurrences.


(Interlude) Day 21: I am so over this.

You’ve solidly settled into week three of the program at this point. Your clothes fit better; your skin is clearer; your inner awesomeness is shining through. But despite the many benefits you’re seeing, you went to bed last night dreading the thought of breakfast. You weren’t much more excited about it this morning, either. Come to think of it, you’re not thrilled with any of your meal options right now.  In fact, if Iron Chef Bobby Flay were to walk into your kitchen right now and offer to cook you any Whole30 compliant meal you wanted, you’re not even sure you could think of one. Just about anything sounds like more fun than sitting down to a big plate of Whole30 grub.  You’re loving the way your body is responding to the program, but you’re just not sure if you can make it through 9 more days. And if you see even one more egg, you are going to scream.

Somewhere in the third week of the program, serious food boredom sets in. For some folks, it gets so overwhelming that they lose their appetite altogether for a few days. Don’t let the food fatigue overtake you – plan ahead! Get to work in week two and hunt down some new recipes to keep the fire burning! Find inspiration from our Whole30 Recipes Instagram Feed, cruise the Whole30 Pinterest boards, or pick up a new cookbook. Find some exotic produce in the grocery store, try some exotic recipes – do whatever you can to get over this little speed bump. Being bored and hungry is just a recipe for disaster, and this, too, shall pass.


Day 28: 28 is as good as 30…right?

It’s day 28. DAY 28! You’ve almost made it!  You pushed through all the rough spots, fought off the food boredom, and you’re really loving where you are right now.  You’ve had a solid breakfast, packed a delicious lunch, and planned a stellar new recipe for dinner. You’re primed to make it through day 28 without breaking a sweat. But then you get to work. Today is your department’s monthly birthday celebration, and at the mid-morning break a co-worker teases, “You’ve been so good for 28 days! Isn’t 28 as good as 30? Just have one cupcake with us to celebrate.” You brush the comment off – you’re used to them at this point – but it really gets you thinking. What have you got to lose at this point?  What benefit could two more days possibly bring you? Isn’t 28 days just as good as 30?

The answer is a loud and resounding NO. 28 days is NOT as good as 30, and we’ll tell you why: You owe yourself 30 days. You made a commitment to give yourself 30 full days of Good Food and improved habits. When you make a commitment to self-improvement, it’s a big deal! If you cop out now, you’re telling yourself that the commitments you make to yourself are open to compromise. You’re telling yourself that you are not important enough to honor your commitment to you.  But that’s not true, is it? You ARE important. You ARE worth a full commitment. Require that of yourself and celebrate with a renewed sense of integrity, not a cupcake.


Days 29-30: HolyOprahIt’sAlmostOverWhatAmIGoingToEatNow?!?!?!

It’s day 29, and you’re still rocking. The thoughts you had yesterday of throwing in the towel are gone. You cruise through the day and as you crawl into bed you have a small thought that then grows into full-blown cold-sweat panic. Holy crap. Tomorrow is day 30. The last day. What the hell are you going to do after that?! You worked so hard, fought through all the anger, the naps, the cravings to get to the awesome you’re feeling now. The rules have been your backbone, your lifeline, your excuse for being “that person” in social situations. Are you just going to give them up on day 31? No. You firmly resolve that there will be no deviation on day 31. If it ain’t broke…

It’s totally normal to feel a twinge of panic as your Whole30 comes to a close. For the past month, you’ve lived, breathed, and literally eaten the rules. You feel incredible in your new high-octane body. It’s natural to hesitate at the thought of making any changes – even if the change is a return to what was “normal” for you before. And, the truth is, you don’t have to go back to the way you used to eat. But keep in mind that the Whole30 was intended to be a reset, an introduction into the world of Good Food. I know it’s scary, but keep an open mind, okay?


Day 31: Deep breathing. And maybe some ice cream.

Your sanity returned at some point on day 30 and you realized that eventually, you will have to come out of your perfect Whole30 bubble. Try as you may, you won’t always be able to make life fit inside the Whole30 rules. Does that mean you’re headed off-road at 90 miles per hour? No. But it does mean that you’ll give the reintroduction protocol (in It Starts With Food) the same attention you gave the last 30 days and be honest with yourself about your reactions – physical and emotional – to food. And tonight, that might just mean a bowl of ice cream. And that’s okay.

We don’t expect you to live your life Whole365. We do expect you to take what you’ve learned and use the information to carefully evaluate how the foods you were eating before make you feel now that you’ve eliminated them (and any of their negative effects) from your body. We do expect you to listen to the feedback your body and mind give you and change your food relationships. And we do expect you to make conscious choices about when and how to go off-plan…and when you do, enjoy it!

Your Mileage May Vary

Of course, no two people’s Whole30 experience is the same, and you may find you breeze past some of these phases while being stuck in others for longer than you anticipated. Either way, we hope you use The Timeline to help you prepare for your first Whole30, or to look back on after your Whole30 and reflect on whether we were more right than wrong here.

New Strength Cycle and Whole 30 week 3!



As you know, we have just begun a new strength cycle.  Well, it’s not new to us but we are doing it again as it is a fantastic cycle that we have enjoyed and gained from in the past.  Wendler is a 12 week strength cycle that uses front squats/back squats, deadlifts and strict press to build strength.  The ultimate result in the end is going for a 1RM, with a lot of athletes hitting a new PR!  I love it.  I love the components of this cycle, the mix of pressing, squatting and deadlifts which all aid to build strength over time.  A great way to think about strength cycles is to remember that building strength is more like a marathon, not a sprint.  It takes dedication, time, effort and most importantly to do it as instructed and not let your ego get in the way.  Yes, some weeks you will de-loading, the weight will feel so light but stick with the program.  It’s written this way for a reason!  You are building your muscles over time and the week before we go for that 1RM, we give our muscles a break.  A week of recovery.  I’m excited!!

For those of us doing Whole 30, welcome to your second or third week!  How are you feeling?  Do you feel that surge of energy coming back?  Do you still feel like you are dragging through wods?  Stick with it because we are getting so close to the end!  Post those photos! Ideas!  It’s all good!

Lastly, today I sent a FB message to you (if you are on FB!) about a workshop up in Lynnwood Crossfit this coming Saturday!  I highly encourage everyone that can go to please do!  The head coach there, Coach Jesse, holds a wealth of knowledge that is so incredible!  The cost is $30 and the time is 11am to 3pm.  Let us know if you can make it!  I know Coach Annie is headed there!  You can prepay, there is a message about that on the link I sent you or you can pay here 🙂

Keep moving!


the gang’s all here!



It’s been so great seeing some familiar faces back in the gym, I love our crew all being back!  Now that some of you are coming back after a little hiatus, please remember (like I mentioned last week) to please be considerate of your body and take it slow to get back to where you left off.  You’ll be sore, sure, but keep moving!  In case you missed the post on our FB page from She Thrives Blog, she had a great piece on the seasons of life and giving yourself a break when you haven’t been able to commit to the gym like you normally would!  Check it out here.

Our new fall schedule begins tomorrow, Monday Sept 12th!  Please make note of the new times.  We have now have 10:45am MWF, noon T/TH and 6:30am offered five days a week!

MWF 6:30am, 10:45am, 5pm

T/TH 6:30am, 9:30am, 12pm, 5pm

Sun 8:15am

I hope you all had a little fun doing the partner wod this last week.  I, personally, love partner wods- have you noticed?  I sneak them in whenever I get a chance but most of all I loved the active rest time in that wod!  Brutal?  Yes.  Impossible?  Nearly.  But hearing the partners cheer each other on was fantastic!  Love that!

Lastly, for those of you who are doing the Whole 30, congrats on finishing the first week!  Now, I heard some mention of feeling like you have lead in your legs.  Like you absolutely do not have the energy to get through a workout that you once had.  Totally normal.  We are all there 🙁  Stick with it though!  Your body is adjusting to this new way of turning your food into fuel for your workouts.  Give it some time to adjust and pretty soon you’ll hit that “tiger blood” stage!  Keep posting those pictures and inspire us all with your meals!  Found inspiration online?  Share it with us!  At some point we will all get bored with the food we are eating.  We will need to encourage each other to keep making good food!

Keep moving, athletes!  You are all doing such fantastic work!





Whole 30 week 1



It’s official, summer is over!  School has started or will start this week for those of us parents and for those fellow athletes who are teachers!  It’s bitter sweet.  I love summer.  I love the freedom for my kids and I love seeing our athletes who teach get to come in and workout more often AND at a variety of times!  But, honestly, I’m ready for a routine again.  It’s definitely selfish as I love my own time during the day when I can teach, coach, workout, get to do BJJ and not worry about where my kids are or where they need to be.  I also love fall.  I love the cool weather, rain, the color outside and getting to sleep with a comforter!

Now that we are all back, welcome!  I’ve missed some of you!  For those of you who haven’t been able to get in as much as you had hoped, please oh please don’t pick up from where you left off.  You will be oh so SORE!  I, myself, had dialed back on my workouts over the past 3 weeks as I tended to a bad knee.  Friday I decided that I wanted to do Barbara and I’ve been recovering for days now!  Yikes that was hard!  I should have listened to my own recommendation but decided it would be “fun” and “worth it”.   When you haven’t pushed yourself in a while you miss it, I know!  But seriously, take the time to get back to where you left off.  Dial back on the weight a bit, modify a wod if you need.  In a few weeks you’ll start getting that endurance and strength back.  No use in injuring yourself and not being able to come in!

Now onto week one of Whole 30!!   Like I mentioned last week, some of us started on the 1st (Team Carissa) and some starting on the 6th (Team Chris).  For those of you who have begun, welcome to day 4!  There are normal things to feel the first few days: slight headaches, digestive issues, exhaustion, blemishes, foggy brain and crankiness.  Don’t worry, it won’t last the whole month!  It’s only 30 days, we’ve got this!

For those of you starting in 2 days, this is a great time to clean out your fridge and pantry!  Have a final last hurrah with alcohol/nachos/pizza/donuts/etc and plan those meals, go shopping with your list and stock your house with all kinds of delicious food that you CAN eat!  I find that the hardest is to not be prepared for a meal and find myself standing in the fridge just staring at the food in there without a clue as to what to eat.  As long as you are organized you’ll be able to do this.  Use your resources, check those labels and talk with your fellow athletes!  Here’s a quick and handy shopping list  and my own pinterest whole 30 page.

Lastly, why do we do this month of clean eating?  Think of it as a reset for your body.  Maybe you’ve found yourself overindulging this summer a bit on the vino/margaritas/beer or the ice cream/treats/sugar train.  This is a great time to do something good for your body for a month before the holidays kick in.  Maybe you’ve always had a hunch that you are sensitive to certain food.  This month will eliminate almost all foods that are commonly known to be sensitive for people.  Once we are done with the 30 days we will have to be careful how we reintroduce foods that we have not had for the month back into our diet.  We will go over that more later!

See you this week!  Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and did something fun on your day off of Crossfit!

Keep moving!