New Strength Cycle and Whole 30 week 3!

New Strength Cycle and Whole 30 week 3!

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As you know, we have just begun a new strength cycle.  Well, it’s not new to us but we are doing it again as it is a fantastic cycle that we have enjoyed and gained from in the past.  Wendler is a 12 week strength cycle that uses front squats/back squats, deadlifts and strict press to build strength.  The ultimate result in the end is going for a 1RM, with a lot of athletes hitting a new PR!  I love it.  I love the components of this cycle, the mix of pressing, squatting and deadlifts which all aid to build strength over time.  A great way to think about strength cycles is to remember that building strength is more like a marathon, not a sprint.  It takes dedication, time, effort and most importantly to do it as instructed and not let your ego get in the way.  Yes, some weeks you will de-loading, the weight will feel so light but stick with the program.  It’s written this way for a reason!  You are building your muscles over time and the week before we go for that 1RM, we give our muscles a break.  A week of recovery.  I’m excited!!

For those of us doing Whole 30, welcome to your second or third week!  How are you feeling?  Do you feel that surge of energy coming back?  Do you still feel like you are dragging through wods?  Stick with it because we are getting so close to the end!  Post those photos! Ideas!  It’s all good!

Lastly, today I sent a FB message to you (if you are on FB!) about a workshop up in Lynnwood Crossfit this coming Saturday!  I highly encourage everyone that can go to please do!  The head coach there, Coach Jesse, holds a wealth of knowledge that is so incredible!  The cost is $30 and the time is 11am to 3pm.  Let us know if you can make it!  I know Coach Annie is headed there!  You can prepay, there is a message about that on the link I sent you or you can pay here 🙂

Keep moving!