the gang’s all here!

the gang’s all here!

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It’s been so great seeing some familiar faces back in the gym, I love our crew all being back!  Now that some of you are coming back after a little hiatus, please remember (like I mentioned last week) to please be considerate of your body and take it slow to get back to where you left off.  You’ll be sore, sure, but keep moving!  In case you missed the post on our FB page from She Thrives Blog, she had a great piece on the seasons of life and giving yourself a break when you haven’t been able to commit to the gym like you normally would!  Check it out here.

Our new fall schedule begins tomorrow, Monday Sept 12th!  Please make note of the new times.  We have now have 10:45am MWF, noon T/TH and 6:30am offered five days a week!

MWF 6:30am, 10:45am, 5pm

T/TH 6:30am, 9:30am, 12pm, 5pm

Sun 8:15am

I hope you all had a little fun doing the partner wod this last week.  I, personally, love partner wods- have you noticed?  I sneak them in whenever I get a chance but most of all I loved the active rest time in that wod!  Brutal?  Yes.  Impossible?  Nearly.  But hearing the partners cheer each other on was fantastic!  Love that!

Lastly, for those of you who are doing the Whole 30, congrats on finishing the first week!  Now, I heard some mention of feeling like you have lead in your legs.  Like you absolutely do not have the energy to get through a workout that you once had.  Totally normal.  We are all there 🙁  Stick with it though!  Your body is adjusting to this new way of turning your food into fuel for your workouts.  Give it some time to adjust and pretty soon you’ll hit that “tiger blood” stage!  Keep posting those pictures and inspire us all with your meals!  Found inspiration online?  Share it with us!  At some point we will all get bored with the food we are eating.  We will need to encourage each other to keep making good food!

Keep moving, athletes!  You are all doing such fantastic work!