Whole 30 week 1

Whole 30 week 1

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It’s official, summer is over!  School has started or will start this week for those of us parents and for those fellow athletes who are teachers!  It’s bitter sweet.  I love summer.  I love the freedom for my kids and I love seeing our athletes who teach get to come in and workout more often AND at a variety of times!  But, honestly, I’m ready for a routine again.  It’s definitely selfish as I love my own time during the day when I can teach, coach, workout, get to do BJJ and not worry about where my kids are or where they need to be.  I also love fall.  I love the cool weather, rain, the color outside and getting to sleep with a comforter!

Now that we are all back, welcome!  I’ve missed some of you!  For those of you who haven’t been able to get in as much as you had hoped, please oh please don’t pick up from where you left off.  You will be oh so SORE!  I, myself, had dialed back on my workouts over the past 3 weeks as I tended to a bad knee.  Friday I decided that I wanted to do Barbara and I’ve been recovering for days now!  Yikes that was hard!  I should have listened to my own recommendation but decided it would be “fun” and “worth it”.   When you haven’t pushed yourself in a while you miss it, I know!  But seriously, take the time to get back to where you left off.  Dial back on the weight a bit, modify a wod if you need.  In a few weeks you’ll start getting that endurance and strength back.  No use in injuring yourself and not being able to come in!

Now onto week one of Whole 30!!   Like I mentioned last week, some of us started on the 1st (Team Carissa) and some starting on the 6th (Team Chris).  For those of you who have begun, welcome to day 4!  There are normal things to feel the first few days: slight headaches, digestive issues, exhaustion, blemishes, foggy brain and crankiness.  Don’t worry, it won’t last the whole month!  It’s only 30 days, we’ve got this!

For those of you starting in 2 days, this is a great time to clean out your fridge and pantry!  Have a final last hurrah with alcohol/nachos/pizza/donuts/etc and plan those meals, go shopping with your list and stock your house with all kinds of delicious food that you CAN eat!  I find that the hardest is to not be prepared for a meal and find myself standing in the fridge just staring at the food in there without a clue as to what to eat.  As long as you are organized you’ll be able to do this.  Use your resources, check those labels and talk with your fellow athletes!  Here’s a quick and handy shopping list  and my own pinterest whole 30 page.

Lastly, why do we do this month of clean eating?  Think of it as a reset for your body.  Maybe you’ve found yourself overindulging this summer a bit on the vino/margaritas/beer or the ice cream/treats/sugar train.  This is a great time to do something good for your body for a month before the holidays kick in.  Maybe you’ve always had a hunch that you are sensitive to certain food.  This month will eliminate almost all foods that are commonly known to be sensitive for people.  Once we are done with the 30 days we will have to be careful how we reintroduce foods that we have not had for the month back into our diet.  We will go over that more later!

See you this week!  Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and did something fun on your day off of Crossfit!

Keep moving!