appreciate the journey

appreciate the journey

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What does it mean to appreciate the journey?  Fitness isn’t easy.  Sometimes life gets in the way be it an illness, injury, kids, pets, family, travel, work.  There is always something.  The key is to stay on track.  So what if you can’t get into the gym for 2 weeks, 4 weeks or even 3 days!  Don’t let that stop you from doing your body right.  So this is a journey.  You get into a groove, you come 3-5x a week and you are starting to feel a difference.  You are sleeping better, you are hydrating, you are doing tons of mobility, you are starting to feel different in your clothes and you notice that you are able to push yourself a little bit more into that “intensity” level at the gym.  Then, boom!  You can’t come in.  You want to but you just can’t because of life.  Don’t beat yourself up, darn it!  Remember, life is a journey and the work you do at Jab Crossfit is all so good for you and sometimes you’ll get more and sometimes less.  That’s human and it’s totally a-ok.  Just keep your eyes on the prize- which is you!  If you can’t come into the gym do something!  Take a walk with a friend, chase your kids up the stairs for a bit, hold a plank while watching tv and during commercial breaks.  This PSA sounds familiar, right?  Yep, I’ve written about this before but I wanted to bring it up again.  You need to embrace life and appreciate everything you can do!  Set a few goals for yourself.  Maybe it’s just coming to Jab 4 x a week instead of 2.  Maybe it’s eat less crap!  Maybe it’s take more time for self care.  Maybe it’s trying for some pushups on your toes instead of your knees.  Maybe it’s practicing those tricky double unders.  Maybe it’s working on those muscle ups!  Whatever it is, set some goals for yourself.  Then, appreciate the journey to get there.  We all have them, and most of us will reach those goals but if we don’t appreciate the journey there why do them at all?

keep moving!