Break it up!

Break it up!

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Crossfit published a fantastic article about going unbroken vs breaking it up.  Check it out here .  What I love about what he says is to never feel pressured to go unbroken.  That said, if there is a movement that you dominate and still have enough in the tank to move onto the next movement than do go unbroken!  The key is, sometimes we push ourselves to go unbroken thinking it will result in a faster time but this is rarely the case.  When using heavy weight, breaking it up not only saves your energy for the whole wod  but it also makes you pace yourself which can save your butt!  Remember we’ve talked many times about breaking up movements in a wod, how we strongly encourage you to not go out the gate and when you rest to give yourself a countdown 3-2-1-pick up that barbell and go!  When you break up your toe to bar or pull ups or even push ups you are giving your arms and hands a break, helping to keep tears away and giving yourself that teeny break which overall helps you finish the wod strong.  Check out their article, it’s worth the read!

Halloween is tomorrow and we only have class at 6:30am and 10:45am.  No 5pm class!  Enjoy all the fun!

Lastly, Coach Chris, Coach Judy and your fellow athletes Yana are doing the Leukemia & Lymphoma Big Climb again this year!  If you would like to join them do it soon as it sells out quickly!  Here is the link!

Keep moving and see you this week!