Something new!

Something new!

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The last couple of days, in a few of the classes, we’ve started a new warmup!  It was high time, we typically change our warmup every quarter or so and suddenly it has been about 3x that!  Time flies, right?  Here’s how it’ll work.  When you come into the gym, grab a jump rope and work on those double unders, then move onto some pull ups focusing on eccentric movements meaning jumping to the top of the pull up and slowly, in control, bringing yourself down to full extension.  Do this about 3-5x.  Still waiting for class to start?  Grab a foam roller!   Once class has started we will then all do the warmup together.  It’ll be fun, more focus on dynamic movements and get that heart rate up 😉  Super excited!  Don’t worry, you’ll still get to socialize with your favorite people in the gym, that usually happens when we share barbells during the strength.  But coaches had noticed that most of our athletes had stopped doing the warmup after some pass throughs.  It’s ok, though not optimal!  Move through the warmup with intent, getting your body ready for your strength then the WOD for that day.  Over time, you’ll see that properly warming up will lead the way to progress (along with sleeping and eating well)!

Lastly, we have some new faces at Jab!  Primarily in the 5pm class, and if you haven’t already introduced yourself please do!  Nothing feels more welcoming than having your fellow athletes cheer you on during your workout!

Keep moving, and don’t you want this t-shirt?  I do!