Working through the dings

Working through the dings

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At some point all of us will end up with an injury, whether it happens while training, rolling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , simply picking up something at home or while out for an easy jog it will affect each of us in some aspect in our lives.  How do you get through it?  Well, I agree with Crossfit Journal’s article that we all should keep moving, do something and stay active as much as we can.  Mentally this is very tough!  Our egos can get the best of us and we want to do the same workout everyone else in the gym is doing but listen to that little voice inside your head when it comes to this.  Every single WOD can be modified to fit your needs.  As always, have a chat with your coach before hand and let them know where you are injured and together we will come up with a doable WOD!  I came across this article from Crossfit while looking up info about working through an injury.  There are a few of us at Jab (myself included!) that are injured at the moment and will have to modify every single workout for a while until we are free from that pain.  I’m looking at a long road of lower body work…  Take a moment to read the article, he has some really great advice in there!

Whole 30 for Team Carissa is completed!  Team Chris has just a few days left!  I’ve heard from a few people that at the very end they felt that “Tiger Blood” and were encouraged by that to continue on with the clean eating!  Like I mentioned on our Whole 30 FB page, how you introduce food back into your diet is very important.  Think of these last 30 days as an elimination diet.  Now when you try dairy or grains you make sure you only try that for a day and eat quite a bit of it to see how it affects you.  Here is the article from Whole 30 about how to do the reintroduction, step by step.  Careful with it, once I gave into my own hunger and devoured an entire BBQ meal right after the Whole 30 was completed.  Full of sugar, grains, beans and dairy I was actually hung over the next morning!  Now that you are at the end of a month of clean eating, how will you change your regular diet?

Keep moving, team!