CrossFit Invitational is here!!

CrossFit Invitational is here!!

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Somehow we are in the week of Thanksgiving!  Wow!  I’m looking forward to a day with my family, enjoy a hike and  appreciating all that we have.  Some of you have asked about travel wods?  If 100 burpees doesn’t appeal to you, check out  and  or take a jumprope with you and work on those double unders and triple unders!

Today is the Crossfit Invitational!  This is like the all-stars from the Crossfit Games.  A team for each region is competing and the first event was a four team synchronized deadlift and burpee over bar.  So exciting!  You can watch it online at and I believe on youtube as well.  Davidsdottir, Webb, Pearce, Froning, Smith, Letendre, Wells, Toomey, Sigmundsdottir are all on the mat today!  The women are doing 1RM snatches & clean and jerks at the moment and making it look easy to get 240# overhead!  Love it.  These athletes are just so amazing to watch, they are incredibly strong and have some beautiful technique.  Can’t wait to watch more.

Be sure to note that we have a slight schedule change this week for Thanksgiving:

Monday and Tuesday: regular schedule

Wednesday: 6:30am and 10:45am ONLY

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 6:30am and 10:45am ONLY

Keep moving!