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I hope everyone had a fun, though very wet, Halloween!  My kids were disappointed that it fell on a school night so I spoke in a sweet and loving voice and reminded them that for all of middle school/high school they will be celebrating Halloween on a school night.  Fun!  But the rain didn’t hold anyone back too much.  Seems like all the kids got out there and had fun.  Some great grown up costumes too!

Have you ever visited another Crossfit Box?  Some will have a “rules” list for everyone at the gym to follow.  It’s a great reminder for everyone new and for all the regulars too.  Years ago, our Coach Tyler had set up what he called “values” which sounded much more friendly than “rules”.  More like our Jab style, friendlier and accessible to everyone.   Here they are:

Jab CrossFit Values:
1) Wait to put back your equipment until every athlete in the gym has finished the WOD
2) If you finished before other athletes, cheer them on!
3) Please oh please don’t drop empty barbells to the ground. They really are quite expensive
4) When carrying barbells, please carry them up and down, toe to head. It’s safer that way
5) Better late than never! I’d much rather have you come to half a class than no class at all
6) Tell the coach when you’re injured, sick, hurt, or otherwise incapacitated :)
7) Never finish a WOD feeling like you have more to give
8) Curse, grunt, and yell. Anything that gets you through
9) Shave your callouses
10) When in doubt . . . squat, and squat deeply
11) Have fun!
I especially like #11.  Having fun is the best part.  Yes, we will all complain but if you are leaving with a smile on your face and you come back the next day for more you ARE having fun!  We have an amazing community of athletes and each and every one of you is what makes it fun!!
Keep moving!