winter is coming….

winter is coming….

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How wonderful to wake up early and see some daylight!  Then coming home after picking up my kids from school in complete darkness, ready to make dinner and go to bed by 6:30….On the flip side I was ready for bed long before I usually get to sleep.

I’ve mentioned it numerous times how important sleep is for your recovery.  I’m talking real sleep.  Dark room, no kids, no dogs, no electronics, not too hot and not too cold.  7.5-9 hours is the best.  This kind of sleep secretes a hormone that helps support metabolism, appetite, glucose processing and helps muscles recover.  Have you ever come in for a WOD after a bad night or nights of sleep and felt that you just couldn’t find that energy you usually have?  Yeah, that’s a terrible feeling and one that I have battled before.  I hate it.  Nobody likes to be the cranky athlete.  Lack of sleep increases your levels of the stress hormone, make you more prone to diabetes, obesity, hypertension and will make you super cranky as the brain isn’t working the way it should be.   Plus, when you are lacking sleep do you notice how you eat like garbage?  Then you FEEL like garbage?  Then you don’t want to work out because you are tired?  See the connection?  Get your sleep, people!  I know life is stressful.  I know we all have a lot on our mind right now.  Get that good night of sleep and it will help you in so many ways.

Sleep well and train hard!