1RM time!!

1RM time!!

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We have made it through another strength cycle and now we are going for some 1 rep max lifts!  Some of us will PR (Personal Record) and some of us will not.  I know, it’s very humbling to go for a new PR and not get it.  For those that are getting some new numbers, congratulations!!  This is an awesome time to test your fitness.  All that hard work put into the gym and whether you are gaining 5lbs or 20lbs that is AWESOME and you should feel so good about that!!  For those of us, myself included, that won’t hit a new PR there are many factors involved.  Maybe you haven’t been getting into the gym as regularly as you used to.  Maybe you are recovering from and injury that has kept you from doing the strength cycle.  Maybe you are not sleeping/eating well or have been laid out with that nasty cold going around.  That is totally OK.  We will not always PR on lifts, heck some of us won’t get close to our old PR’s but you have to keep moving forward.  Don’t let this describe you as an athlete.  Keep you eyes on the prize, those goals are there for a reason and you will get there!  Keep up the good work, you will see it I promise!  This week we are hitting strict press and front squats!  If you miss it be sure to speak with your coach about getting that 1RM in!

Speaking of goals, have you been thinking about what your goals for 2017 are?  If you haven’t, start making a list!

Tomorrow there is a prediction of SNOW!!  The Southern Californian in me is so very excited.  For everyone wondering about snow and if we will be open or not, here is the low down from Alpha Martial Arts:  We will follow any Seattle Public Schools decision about canceling school or a late start.  So, if the kids don’t have school, we won’t be open!  If that’s the case, pull out those cross country skis, go sledding with the kids or have a snowball fight!  We will post on Facebook and send out an email to let you know for sure.

Keep moving!