Not getting a new PR?

Not getting a new PR?

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So proud of all of you going for 1RM’s last week and this week!  We have one more week to go so make sure you get in and lift that heavy weight!  Last week I talked about the importance of those numbers and the possibility of not hitting a new PR.  For some of us that is exactly the case and there are many reasons why you aren’t.  Don’t get frustrated, stay focused and work hard on getting time in the gym but realize there are many contributing reasons why you won’t get a new PR.  I’m going to repeat myself here.  Maybe you’ve been injured and haven’t been able to do those lifts every week in Wendler.  Maybe you have that nasty cold going around and don’t have the energy like you usually do.  Have you thought about your diet?  Your sleep?  I read a great blog yesterday about Macros.  Have you tried this?  Have you ever heard of it before?  I have but haven’t tried it yet as the idea of weighing/measuring/math for each meal seems overwhelming while also making food for my family but I’m willing to give it a try.  Maybe they’ll go Macro too without ever knowing 😉  Knowing that I’m getting ample protein, carbs and fat in my diet is a sure way to see some gains in the gym.  She Thrives Blog here to read the article.  We’ve all done the Whole 30 a number of times and though I personally love how I feel on a clean eating way of life I do feel a little tired in the gym.  I’m considering, let me know if you are too!

The holidays are close!  We are working out a modified schedule for Crossfit over the week between Xmas/Hanukkah and New Years.  We will keep you posted!  Get those goals ready!  I heard Brent say he asked for muscle ups for Christmas this year!

Keep moving!