Month: January 2017

Month: January 2017

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The Open is coming!  Yes, we talk about it quite a bit at Jab.  We get a little giddy about this time of year.  The Open is fun, it’s challenging and I especially love how a community comes together at each and every level to cheer on the athletes (yep, that’s you!) that come in and do their very best that day!  I’ve probably shared this post before, but She Thrives Blog has a great article about why doing the Open is so important as a Crossfit athlete.  Read her post here Yes, You Should Sign Up For The Open  because she tells it like it is and gosh darn it we should all sign up!  We are all capable, we all have that drive, a little bit of competitiveness and determination to do our very best.  That’s what gets us in the door each and everyday at the gym!   I challenge all of you to sign up this year!  You are going to do the Open workouts anyways, why not make it a fun competition with the rest of the world?

When you sign up for the Open, and especially if you’ve been doing Crossfit for at least a year,  you should consider taking the Crossfit Judges course!  As your coaches we have taken this course every year for the past few years.  Not only is it a fantastic way to learn about movement standards for competing but will be super helpful come the Crossfit Open when we, at Jab Crossfit, all do the Open WODS each week!  Find some time to sit and take the course online.  Highly recommend not taking the course in the middle of the night and take notes along the way!  Find the course here

Feb 1st is right around the corner!  Are you planning to join us for a 30 day nutrition challenge?  I know, there is the Superbowl next Sunday but the Seahawks are not playing so you won’t be stress eating!  In my last post I talked about the option for Whole 30 or Ketosis for 30 days.  Which will you pick?  Have you planned your meals for the next week?  Being organized is key to success here.  Clean out your pantry, find some recipes that you are excited to cook, make a shopping list, buy lots of snacks and put them in your car, your gym bag and your desk drawer!  Find some inspiration at Nom Nom Paleo  and Keto Size Me.  Search through Pinterest.  Borrow cookbooks from fellow athletes.  Ask your fellow athletes and Coaches for guidance.  We are in this together!   I will continue to post at our private Facebook page for our 30 day nutrition challenge so head over there and please request to be added if you are not!

Finally, we have arrived at the end of January and our athlete this week is Delphine Yung!  Delphine’s first WOD at Jab was 50 thrusters for time, and she’s been dedicated to coming for over 3 years now!  Having the amazing ability to juggle 4 kids, a husband, working as a pediatric cardiologist, swimming once a week and making sure she gets into Jab regularly each week.  Her regular life sounds like a WOD, no wonder she’s such a rockstar!  Last spring her husband, Matt, joined our community and it’s been the best having the two of them in our gym every week!  Love having you at Jab Crossfit, Delphine!









name: Delphine Yung
age:  46
where did you grow up? Richland (one of the Tri-Cities), WA
when did you begin at Jab Crossfit?  Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?  I think Jan 2014. Yep!
what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit? I swim once a week, work part time as a pediatric cardiologist and try to keep up with our 4 kids.
how did you first hear about Crossfit? Matt told me he kept hearing heavy weights being dropped next door
when did you realize Crossfit was right for you? First, when I saw results, but it was probably more as I got to know people. Also, Coach Tyler tried to mix things up on Fridays, like trivia work outs, so I thought that was pretty clever.
what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? My favorite WOD is generally the one I’ve just finished
what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? Wallballs
what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do? Hand stands with a very slight push-up
what motivates you to get through a wod? Usually I think, “it will be over soon” and “thank God ___ (fill in names of other WOD-ers) are doing this with me”
tell us something about yourself that we may not know? I once traveled through Honduras as a student and got a room for $1/night, but when we returned after dinner to find all our stuff over-run with cockroaches, I had to upgrade to another room at $3/night.
what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit? Come for the exercise, stay for the people
do you have any Crossfit goals?  Just keep going…. 🙂
what do you love most about Crossfit? Our community

Month: January 2017

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There is a whole lot of information to share with you this week!  Are you ready?  Take a deep breath.  Good!  Here we go!

First!  For the past few years we have done a “Whole 30” challenge twice a year.  Normally in the spring and fall.  One other thing that happens in the spring is the Crossfit Open and in years past those of us that were doing Whole 30 were in the slumpy beginning stages while doing the Open WODS.  This year we thought we would try something different,  doing our month of Whole 30 in February in hopes that we will see the benefits of taking care of how we are eating and by the time February  23rd rolls around!  A few of your fellow athletes are just wrapping up their own Whole 30 Jan. challenge, Jeff and Jenn are in their final countdown with their own spouses!  Ask them how it’s going!

Here is how it’ll work!  This year, if you choose to participate, you will choose between doing the Whole 30 paleo challenge or the Ketosis (or Keto) challenge!  Here is the short version of each:

Whole 30 is 30 days of clean eating.  You eat lots of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, eggs, fat, seeds and nuts.  You cannot eat: dairy, sugar of any kind, alcohol, legumes (that means peanuts too) and grains.  read more about Whole 30 here.  We’ve done it a number of times and it’s really great for those that have never done a food challenge before and like having a very black and white way of what you can and cannot eat.  It’s really a very basic way of eating for 30 days.  Think the perimeter of the grocery store.

Ketosis is simply a high fat, moderate protein and very low carb way of eating.  You eat lots of fat (think avocados, olive oil, nuts-yes peanuts too), whole fat cheeses and heavy cream, meat, vegetables, and very little fruit (mainly berries and coconut).  Definitely not ideal for those that are lactose intolerant to go the dairy route but it doesn’t mean you can’t do Keto if you don’t digest dairy well.  Simply keep that high fat in the way of avocados, nuts and good oils like olive, macadamia, walnut, avocado and don’t eat the dairy!  Those who have done the Whole 30 a few times before and want to try something different might consider this route.  Also good for those athletes that cannot go without their cheese/ dark chocolate and alcohol.  Yep.  Alcohol.  Think clear, no sugar cocktails like vodka sodas, a good sipping tequila, etc.  In moderation of course!  Want to read more?  Check out Ketosis here

Everyone that would like to participate will all begin Feb. 1st.  Remember, this is NOT mandatory!  This is simply for those that would like a “reset” of their regular diet or feel ready for something new.  We won’t talk about it too much in class (though we will talk about food per usual).  We have a private Jab Crossfit Whole 30 page that we use during this time, please join if you’d like!  We use it to take photos of our meals, share ideas, complain and support each other on this journey.  So get those pantries cleaned out, eat up the last of the holiday goodies and start planning your meals!  The best way to be successful at this is being organized and  planning ahead!  Any questions?  Talk to your coaches and fellow athletes!  I have found Pinterest to be a huge help in finding inspiring recipes.  Find me there, Carissa

Next!  This coming Sunday, Jan. 29th from 9-10:30am Kate and Will Kahle are going to be running an Olympic Weightlifting workshop!  Please come and join us for this free, extremely informative workshop focusing on the Snatch.  Kate and Will have 8 years of Oly lifting experience and we are so excited to get a chance to have them share all of their incredible knowledge of this awesome, sometimes tricky, lift!  See you there.

Finally!  We celebrate another incredible athlete from our community!

Shreyas Verma has been a Jablete for just over a year!  He is one of our committed 6:30am Jabletes. Although we tease him for mysteriously missing the warm ups, he never fails to come prepared to work hard and meet whatever challenge is up on the board. Not only has Shreyas himself made the 6:30 am mornings more fun, but he has also helped build our Jab family by inviting coworkers to suffer alongside with him. Shreyas, thank you for being a part of our Crossfit community and working so hard!  Keep up the good work!







name: Shreyas Verma

age: 29

where did you grow up? India

when did you begin at Jab Crossfit?  Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?  Jan 2016, yes

what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit? Dancing
how did you first hear about Crossfit? Through a friend
when did you realize Crossfit was right for you?  Still someone’s ask myself the question
what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? Bring Sally up being Sally down
what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? None
what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do? Jump rope
what motivates you to get through a wod? My fellow Jabletes
tell us something about yourself that we may not know I’ve an evil twin
what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit? Don’t get intimidated, you can do it
do you have any Crossfit goals?  Not to hurt myself or someone else
what do you love most about Crossfit? Keeps pushing my limits

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Tomorrow we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr with a special WOD.  We are open only for 6:3oam and 10:45am classes!


This year we are starting a new way to celebrate our amazing community!  Each month we will focus on athletes who have an anniversary with us.  I’ve come up with a set of questions that everyone will get a chance to fill out, after receiving back the questionnaire I’m excited to share them with you all!  Here are our first two!

Keep Moving!



Brendan Gamb has been a regular Jablete for the past year!  If you come to 9:30, 10:45 or noon classes during the week you will have seen him powering through each and every WOD with determination and then cheering on his fellow athletes with incredible enthusiasm!  Brendan has embraced our community since day one and has been an awesome addition to our gym!











name: Brendan Gamb

age: 43

where did you grow up? Pasadena, CA

when did you begin at Jab Crossfit? Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?
January, 2016. This is my first Crossfit experience.

what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit?
I am retired, and am now a stay-at-home-dad. I volunteer at school, coach, cook, paint, chauffeur, landscape, and generally try to keep chaos at bay.

how did you first hear about Crossfit?
Coach Carissa is a close family friend and she has always been a very enthusiastic proponent of Jab Crossfit.

when did you realize Crossfit was right for you?
I am not sure that it will ever be “right” for me as a big guy. I find that I am always challenged by the workouts, particularly body weight exercises. However, it was about 6 months into my Crossfit experience that I realized the pain was the point and that was a watershed. I get cranky now when I don’t get into the gym on a regular basis.

what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? Kettlebells

what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? Burpee Box Jumps

what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do?
30” box jump

what motivates you to get through a wod?
The results- I am the strongest I have been since my 20s.

tell us something about yourself that we may not know
I was a commercial fishmonger for a short period of time.

what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit?
Be patient. It takes several weeks to get comfortable with the multitude of exercises/movements and to feel like you are making progress.

do you have any Crossfit goals?
Totally! Strict Pull-Ups, Double-Unders, and Toe-To-Bars.
I would like to be able to RX every workout

what do you love most about Crossfit?
The variety of exercises- it would be hard to suffer this much and be bored!


Kevin McHugh is a fellow Jablete who started Crossfit because I simply asked him to come try it out one day last year and has been a regular ever since!  He’s my younger brother, he’s always been extremely athletic and I knew he would really love Crossfit style workouts!  He is incredibly strong and has connected with each and every athlete that he works out with.  He has become quite competitive with his older sis (and I’ll let him win for a while during my shoulder rehab)!  Kevin’s enthusiasm at Jab is quite contagious as he cheers on loudly for his fellow jabletes!  You’ll normally see Kevin at 9:30, 10:45 or noon class though he occasionally comes to 5pm as well and has become an important part of our Jab Crossfit community!











name:  kevin thomas mchugh

age: 38

where did you grow up?  sunny beaches of san diego

when did you begin at Jab Crossfit?  Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?  Jan 2016. I had tried it at a few other spots, however the sibling rivalry was a big draw with my sister.

what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit?  surf, ski, surfski, outrigger canoe, visit ER rooms. photographer for the day job.

how did you first hear about Crossfit?  roommate in college started doing it back when it was first going in the early 2000’s. grabbing whatever was around the house, making the neighbors think we were part of a cult.

when did you realize Crossfit was right for you?  when i realized not only could i maintain a baseline fitness in my off season, i was also able to develop better technique in lifting to increase my racing capacity.

what is your favorite wod/movement/lift?  anything with kettlebells, pushups, hspu’s, deadlifts

what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift?  double unders. running.

what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do?  masochistically enjoy burpees

what motivates you to get through a wod?  sibling rivalry, never quit attitude and the knowledge if i keep mindful of my technique i will come out stronger, faster and more capable after.

tell us something about yourself that we may not know  I was born with red hair.

what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit?  ease into it. far too easy to see big gains out of the blocks, yet pacing your recovery and how your body reacts to the workouts will go a tremendous distance to keeping you injury free and reaching whatever goals you have for yourself.

do you have any Crossfit goals?  attack every single WOD like it’s the last WOD i will do, never backing down.

 what do you love most about Crossfit?  the community at Jab is the single biggest factor of why I go. watching, cheering and supporting people of all skills and talents push through and collectively cross the finish line each day. what better way to make a grueling workout better than sharing laughs with friends?


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If you’ve been around for more than a year at Jab Crossfit you “may” have heard me get all excited about the Crossfit Open.   What other sport brings together a whole community around the entire world together for a competition?  Sure, there are the beasts top athletes in the world that completely dominate the Open.  They have to.  Their whole life evolves around making it to the Crossfit Games and the only way to get there is to finish in the top of the Open.  They are the best of the best.  Isn’t that what makes this competition so exciting?  We all do the same workouts.  We all post our scores to the leaderboard and we all come in to the gym for an Open workout with our knees shaking!  The cool thing is we are all able to do this!   It doesn’t matter if you do the workout scaled or rx.  That is what I love about the Open.  Crossfit makes it so every BODY can do this.  That’s right.  YOU!  After we will be in awe of those amazing super women and men who made light work of the workout that left you gasping on the mat!

So, here’s how it works.  On Jan 14th Crossfit will start registration for the 2017 Open.  It’s $20 to enter.  We will have judges (your coaches) to be sure you meet all of the movement standards.  That’s right, you could be no rep’d (though I certainly doubt it since your coaches remind you of full range of motion every.single.time and you’ve been rocking it!).  Remember your WOD from last week where your fellow athlete “judged” you during your workout?  Wasn’t that fun?  That is what doing the Open is like!  We cheer each other on, we scream and yell and are so excited for each and everyone of you to get to do the workouts!  After?  You’ll be amazed at what you were capable of doing.  You may even push yourself to do something you’ve never been able to do before!  Your first double under might happen!  Your first muscle up!  You might PR your clean and jerk!  You never know and that’s the beauty of competition.  It pushes you to work your hardest.  You know why?  Because your body is so much stronger than your mind is!  Let’s do this together!

So check it out here    And that photo and quote from Carol Burrell on their page gives me all the feels.

So good to see everyone back at Jab!  You are all rocking it, keep up the good work!

Keep moving,


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Welcome back to the gym!  Your coaches have missed you and we are looking forward to getting back to work!  A week off is not as easy as it sounds.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed some down time with my family and friends.  I gave my shoulder some time off and put forth my energy into taking a break mentally and physically from Jab.  It felt strange at first.  I crave that feeling after a WOD and I missed all of you so much but I knew that come today I would get to see everyone again and get to do some front squats!  (Though, those felt HEAVY!)

Though we have all taken a break, I know some of you got to go skiing, some of you (like myself) did nothing and some of you went jogging everyday.  Whatever you did or didn’t do is fantastic and you should never feel guilty about it!  This week we start again and get back into our regular routine.  I’m so excited!

Now, it’s the New Year and some people make resolutions and/or goals for themselves.  Did you?  If you did have you made them reachable?  Are those goals attainable?  Making your goals realistic sets you up for success!  My goals for 2017?  To finally get past my injured shoulder and get to work on anything overhead again!  From there I want to start working on my muscle ups, heavy snatches and get to do a toe to bar again!  Big goals, I know, but I’m working being diligent about my PT so that someday I can do these things!  I’m curious to know what your goals are!

This month we are working on a strict pull up progression!  We’ve done this last year and I’m really excited to bring it back.  Here’s how it works.  For the day of the month that’s how many pull ups you need and if you missed the day before you’ll also need to make up those as well!  These are big goals too!  Using the bands are totally ok but we’d like you to try and get as many unassisted pull ups before you start using the band.  Yes, even if you can only get one because eventually you’ll get two!

Lastly, the Crossfit Open is coming!  Registration begins January 14th!  I’ll write more about this next week but I wanted to get it on your radar as I’ll be encouraging all of you to sign up 😉  The Open begins Febuary 23rd! Want to know more?  Check out their site  

Keep moving!