Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Welcome back to the gym!  Your coaches have missed you and we are looking forward to getting back to work!  A week off is not as easy as it sounds.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed some down time with my family and friends.  I gave my shoulder some time off and put forth my energy into taking a break mentally and physically from Jab.  It felt strange at first.  I crave that feeling after a WOD and I missed all of you so much but I knew that come today I would get to see everyone again and get to do some front squats!  (Though, those felt HEAVY!)

Though we have all taken a break, I know some of you got to go skiing, some of you (like myself) did nothing and some of you went jogging everyday.  Whatever you did or didn’t do is fantastic and you should never feel guilty about it!  This week we start again and get back into our regular routine.  I’m so excited!

Now, it’s the New Year and some people make resolutions and/or goals for themselves.  Did you?  If you did have you made them reachable?  Are those goals attainable?  Making your goals realistic sets you up for success!  My goals for 2017?  To finally get past my injured shoulder and get to work on anything overhead again!  From there I want to start working on my muscle ups, heavy snatches and get to do a toe to bar again!  Big goals, I know, but I’m working being diligent about my PT so that someday I can do these things!  I’m curious to know what your goals are!

This month we are working on a strict pull up progression!  We’ve done this last year and I’m really excited to bring it back.  Here’s how it works.  For the day of the month that’s how many pull ups you need and if you missed the day before you’ll also need to make up those as well!  These are big goals too!  Using the bands are totally ok but we’d like you to try and get as many unassisted pull ups before you start using the band.  Yes, even if you can only get one because eventually you’ll get two!

Lastly, the Crossfit Open is coming!  Registration begins January 14th!  I’ll write more about this next week but I wanted to get it on your radar as I’ll be encouraging all of you to sign up 😉  The Open begins Febuary 23rd! Want to know more?  Check out their site  

Keep moving!