The Open is Coming!

The Open is Coming!

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If you’ve been around for more than a year at Jab Crossfit you “may” have heard me get all excited about the Crossfit Open.   What other sport brings together a whole community around the entire world together for a competition?  Sure, there are the beasts top athletes in the world that completely dominate the Open.  They have to.  Their whole life evolves around making it to the Crossfit Games and the only way to get there is to finish in the top of the Open.  They are the best of the best.  Isn’t that what makes this competition so exciting?  We all do the same workouts.  We all post our scores to the leaderboard and we all come in to the gym for an Open workout with our knees shaking!  The cool thing is we are all able to do this!   It doesn’t matter if you do the workout scaled or rx.  That is what I love about the Open.  Crossfit makes it so every BODY can do this.  That’s right.  YOU!  After we will be in awe of those amazing super women and men who made light work of the workout that left you gasping on the mat!

So, here’s how it works.  On Jan 14th Crossfit will start registration for the 2017 Open.  It’s $20 to enter.  We will have judges (your coaches) to be sure you meet all of the movement standards.  That’s right, you could be no rep’d (though I certainly doubt it since your coaches remind you of full range of motion every.single.time and you’ve been rocking it!).  Remember your WOD from last week where your fellow athlete “judged” you during your workout?  Wasn’t that fun?  That is what doing the Open is like!  We cheer each other on, we scream and yell and are so excited for each and everyone of you to get to do the workouts!  After?  You’ll be amazed at what you were capable of doing.  You may even push yourself to do something you’ve never been able to do before!  Your first double under might happen!  Your first muscle up!  You might PR your clean and jerk!  You never know and that’s the beauty of competition.  It pushes you to work your hardest.  You know why?  Because your body is so much stronger than your mind is!  Let’s do this together!

So check it out here    And that photo and quote from Carol Burrell on their page gives me all the feels.

So good to see everyone back at Jab!  You are all rocking it, keep up the good work!

Keep moving,