Month: February 2017

Month: February 2017

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This is it!  The 2017 Crossfit Open begins this week!  On Thursday at 5pm Dave Castro, the Games director of Crossfit, will announce the very first workout!  Then on Friday, we will get to do said workout!  Last year the first workout of the 2016 Open was tough.  20 min AMRAP of overhead lunges, burpee over bar and pull ups.  Yeesh.  Killer for sure!  Who knows what Dave Castro will come up with this year!  Looking forward to it!  Like I’ve mentioned, it’s not too late to sign up!  It’s $20 and like Coach Chris mentioned, “I am officially registered! Why? Because, I KNOW that I will be more focused with my workouts and nutrition over the next 6 weeks b/c I paid $20 to be officially registered. Join me. Join us. #Open2017” sign up here

This Friday we will be having a Crossfit Open kickoff party!  After the 5pm class we will recover on the mats while watching the announcement from Dave Castro and most likely be in awe of how easy these athletes make each workout look.  After picking ourselves up off the floor we will then head down to The Ram for food and drinks!  Who’s in??  If you can’t make the 5pm class, join us anyways for festivities at The Ram down at U Village!  Looking forward to it!

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Month: February 2017

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This week we celebrate one super athletic member of our community, Tereza!  Tereza has been a consistent member of our community almost from the beginning of Jab.  With her almost zen-like approach to each and every workout she is a force to be reckoned with!  Love her enthusiasm, love her ability to power through everyday.

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 Tereza Stiburkova

2. age: 31

3. where did you grow up? Prague, Czech Republic

4. when did you begin at Jab Crossfit? Is this the first place you tried Crossfit? It has been a while…like three years? Jab Crossfit is the first place!

5. what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit? I take care of kids that are not mine, walk dogs who are not mine, and spend time enjoying life with a boyfriend who IS mine …Oh yeah I also go to school.

6. how did you first hear about Crossfit? It was through my Brazilian fellow au-pair Laise who is also friend of Ana who attends AMA kickboxing classes. She told us about a free crossfit trial, we tried it and I’ve stuck to it.

7. when did you realize Crossfit was right for you? It definitely was not the first or second class when we tried hand stand pushups and did a lot of burpees. I was not in good shape at all and I decided to do something about it…Jab Crossfit was the solution.

8. what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? Hang power clean.

9. what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? Lunges and running.

10. what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do? Double Unders.

11. what motivates you to get through a wod? I am not entirely sure; counting, pacing myself, and thinking of the sometimes very slowly, approaching end.

12. tell us something about yourself that we may not know…hmmm…I was twenty-six when I flew in an airplane for the first time over the ocean into the USA. It was both scary and exciting.

13. what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit? Ummm, be patient, persistent, and have fun!

14. do you have any Crossfit goals? I certainly do…Pull-ups, pushups, and T2B.

15. what do you love most about Crossfit? I like the fact that you do something very individualistic with a team like atmosphere and spirit

Month: February 2017

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I know, we keep mentioning the Crossfit Open but it’s real and it’s coming soon!  Feb 23rd will be the first workout for 2017!  Announced at 5pm, online, it’s super exciting to watch it live.  What will the WOD be?  We will all be hunched over our computers waiting to hear what 17.1 (meaning 2017, 1st wod) will be.  At the live announcement, the athletes there will then have a few minutes to prepare themselves and then do the WOD!  The very next day we will all do the Open workout together and I sure hope more of our athletes sign up!  So far we have 4 total, but we should have more.  I’m super excited for the Open, can you tell?  We are all able, every single one of us, to do some variation of the workouts from the Open.  Rx or scaled, there is something for everyone.

Remember, having a few more athletes take the Crossfit Judges course will be very helpful as well!  If you’ve been doing Crossfit for at least a year please consider!

Sign up here for the Open and go here for the judges course!

Also, if you are currently taking part in our Feb. Nutrition Challenge I’ll be posting on our private Whole 30 Facebook page just for you!  Be sure you are on there and please let your coaches know if you have any questions!

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