Athlete of the Month!

Athlete of the Month!

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Congratulations to everyone who has pushed through the first three Crossfit Open workouts!  Whether you are signed up or not, it’s still awesome.  Maybe next year you’ll consider 😉  We have two more workouts from the Open coming up!  Wonder what it will be?  We still haven’t seen thrusterswallballsrowingdoubleundersdeadlifts and who knows what else Dave Castro might come up with?

Next Friday, following the 5pm class, we are going to head down to The Ram to celebrate!  Like I’ve mentioned, everyone is invited, whether you signed up for the Open, did any of the Open workouts or not, please come!  RSVP on the event on our facebook page 😉

Our athlete of the month is Dice!  Dice started at Jab over a year ago, though it feels like she’s been a member of our community since the beginning.  Always encouraging fellow athletes, always pushing herself hard through a workout, sometimes complaining at the site of whats to come yet ALWAYS leaves with a big smile on her face!  Dice, we love having you here with us!  Thank you for being such an important part of our community!


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1. name: Candice Redden
2. age: 33
3. where did you grow up? Bennington, Vermont
4. when did you begin at Jab Crossfit?  Is this the first place you tried Crossfit?  I did Crossfit for a year back in NY, took some time off, and then started here in December of last year.
5.  what do you do when you aren’t at Jab Crossfit? I play rugby for the Mudhens, I go to lots of live funk shows, and I hang out at Madison Park beach when it’s nice.
6. how did you first hear about Crossfit? I saw some people running with kettle bells on the Gilman and decided I needed to find them.
7. when did you realize Crossfit was right for you?  I fell in love with lifting. It’s physical and mental. It takes fearlessness and perseverance. It makes women feel powerful. It is a great equalizer.
8. what is your favorite wod/movement/lift? I love to deadlift!
9. what is your least favorite wod/movement/lift? Pistol squats.
10. what is something you have done at Jab Crossfit that you never thought you would do? Climbing a rope!
11. what motivates you to get through a wod? Honestly, it’s the people. I love the community, and I am continually inspired by the drive and strength of the folks around me.
12. tell us something about yourself that we may not know. I gutted houses for two weeks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It made me fall in love with that city and the grit of its people. It also made me the political person that I am.
13. what advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit? Just keep plugging along and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. There’s no shame in scaling and no shame in doing an alternative movement.
14. do you have any Crossfit goals? I’d love to hit an 8 minute mile.
15. what do you love most about Crossfit? THE PEOPLE 🙂 But seriously, Jab is special.

Keep Moving!